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PinMeTo works with leading brands and organisations to boost brand engagement, drive foot traffic and achieve real results. 

PinMeTo provide the tools for companies to manage and control all stages in the customer journey, to ensure a seamless customer experience and increase organic traffic.



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Discover how leading multi-location brands and organisations are working with PinMeTo and how they benefit and gain success from working through our platform.


“PinMeTo has helped us ensure that people can always find the closest O'Learys anywhere in the world and that the business information about that location will be correct by setting up proper structures on multiple networks. They've also been an invaluable source of support, insight, and ideas. With their help, we've seen incredible growth across our digital channels and they are constantly suggesting new ways to make the most of our viral and organic marketing.”

- Johan Knutsson, Digital Manager – Social Media at O’Learys Trademark