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Unlock the Potential of Your Enterprise Marketing with PinMeTo

PinMeTo specializes in enhancing the online presence for businesses across various industries. Discover some of the key industries we work with along with detailed case studies.

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What PinMeTo Allows You to Do

  • Keep your business information accurate and up-to-date across 100+ platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Apple.
  • Monitor, respond to, and analyze customer reviews to build trust and improve customer engagement.
  • Create and share targeted content on social media to engage with your community and promote special offers.
  • Protect your data with customized Single Sign-On (SSO) access and robust security measures.
  • Gain actionable insights into listing performance and refine your enterprise SEO and marketing strategies for better results.

Some of the Key Industries We Work With

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EV Charging Stations
PinMeTo helps EV charging stations maximize their visibility across major search and map networks, ensuring drivers can easily find and navigate to your locations.

  • Increased visibility leading to more drivers finding and using your charging stations.
  • Accurate information helping drivers plan their trips effectively.
  • Showcasing live charger availability and power levels to alleviate range anxiety and attract more users.
  • Your EV charging stations are recommended by hands-free voice assistants.
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Supermarkets benefit from PinMeTo's comprehensive enterprise marketing tools, which optimize listings, manage reviews, and publish localized content to attract more customers.

  • Improved local search visibility driving more foot traffic to your stores.
  • Accurate and consistent information helping customers easily find and choose your supermarket.
  • Engaging with customers through reviews and posts can build loyalty and boost sales.
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Petrol and Automotive
For petrol stations and automotive businesses, PinMeTo provides tools to manage location data, reviews, and local SEO, driving more foot traffic and online interactions.
  • Better local SEO driving more traffic to your stations and dealerships.
  • Accurate and consistent listings that improve credibility.
  • Responding to reviews and engaging with customers to build loyalty and drive sales.
  • Sync with in-car navigation systems and mobile apps for enhanced user convenience.
  • Centralized management of listings that reduces administrative workload.
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PinMeTo empowers pharmacies to maintain accurate and consistent information across platforms, manage reviews, and engage with customers through localized posts.

  • Consistent and accurate listings building trust and reliability.
  • Enhanced visibility in local searches attracting more customers to your pharmacy.
  • Effective review management and localized content improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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PinMeTo assists municipalities in managing their digital presence, ensuring that residents can easily find and access essential services through accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Accurate listings that make it easier for residents to find and use municipal services.
  • Engaging with residents through reviews and posts building trust and improving service satisfaction.
  • Centralized management of listings and information minimizing manual tasks.
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Thousands of digital marketers use the platform







We were able to enhance our organic position on Google for generic keywords, such as 'Espadrille in Barcelona' and generated €130,000 of extra sales from Google-generated traffic alone in the first 6 months.

Ricard Llop Noriega

Head of Marketing

Toni Pons

We’ve received a customised offer, suitable for the organisational structure of AVIA, and the customer support was very helpful and friendly. As a result, we've got higher click rates and visibility on Google.

Samuel Hartmann

Brand & Project Manager Europe


I sent a massive list of parkings, and after two weeks or so, Google Business metrics were like, boom, they skyrocketed. Not only in views or number of impressions, but the number of directions. It was like, maybe plus 1,000%.

Carlos Blommé de Lope

Head of Marketing

Aimo Park

Our consulting and content expertise perfectly complements Pinmeto's platform!

Scott Roemermann

Director of Owned Media

GroupM Sweden

...The tools, support, and expertise that PinMeTo delivers have helped us increase visibility, drive more foot traffic, and optimize our online strategies

Olle Jonstoij

Digital Communicator


While managing 15 locations I was sitting and keeping track of them manually, it is so easy now when I can publish all the posts at the same time by just selecting the locations I need.

Helena Kryssman

Social Media & PR Manager


The communication was great because I was talking to just one person. The PinMeTo support team fills everything in your tool. It's easy.

Patryk Wichert

Head of Marketing


Being able to just log on in the mornings and have everything consolidated into one location is just so easy, especially because we have 600+ stores and it's our job to oversee any community management there.

Leigh O' Mahony

Senior Content and Social Media Executive


With PinMeTo we managed to get control of our online presence for all our clinics. It’s very easy to use the tool, when adding new locations or handling location updates.

Filip Wallin

Marketing Coordinator


PinMeTo has saved us a lot of time by giving us the tools to remove unofficial content and manage our locations across platforms in an easy to understand way, all mixed together with a couple of good laughs.

Peter Hedström

Head of Marketing


Without the PinMeTo, we would not have Human Resources to manage SEO’s gas station network’s locations. With PinMeTo, maintenance and updating to all our platforms is easy and quick

Johanna Silén

Marketing and Business Development Specialist

SEO Gas Station

PinMeTo has really helped us keep control and maintain the quality of our location data.

Anders Ellefsen

Marketing and Communication Manager


...we now have the opportunity to get a better overview of our gas stations, and to be visible on several networks and platforms.

Martin Karlgren

Content Strategist & Web Manager

Preem AB

…Most importantly we can constantly provide our guests with up-to-date information about our cafes

Viktor Rivedal

Digital manager

Waynes Coffee

Firstly, we've set up and maintained nearly 250 locations using PinMeTo and we couldn't have done that by hand. Second, they've been with us every step of the way with advice and support.

Christoffer Persson

Digital Business Developer


Through PinMeTo we got accurate and identical listing information across multiple online platforms. This has a great impact in allowing continuous updates & gives us control over all our locations.

Magnus Heide

Platform Manager

Region Skåne

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