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Streamline Your Supermarket Listing Management with PinMeTo's Local SEO Solutions

Enhance your supermarket chain's online presence and streamline your local marketing efforts with PinMeTo's comprehensive tools. Increase your visibility across multiple platforms and connect with more customers.

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Improve Your Supermarket's Online Discoverability

Your customers turn to online search engines, maps, and social media platforms to find supermarkets and grocery products. Partnering with PinMeTo allows you to optimize your supermarket's visibility across major networks such as Google, Apple Maps, and Facebook, ensuring your business is easily discovered.

Proven Results in the Industry

Our analysis of 27 supermarket customers reveals the significant impact of PinMeTo's local marketing solutions on their online performance.

Supermarkets' Average Google Metrics 6 Months After Onboarding

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Level up Your Supermarket Listing Management Efforts

With PinMeTo's comprehensive suite of tools, managing your supermarket's online presence and enhancing your SEO strategy has never been easier.

Manage Listings Across Multiple Networks

With PinMeTo Listings, you can centralize and update your business information on over 100 platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Apple. This ensures your information is always accurate and consistent, leading to improved visibility and a better customer experience.

Efficiently Manage Reviews

PinMeTo's reputation management tools allow you to monitor, respond to, and analyze customer reviews efficiently. Utilize bulk replies, search filters, and internal notes to save time and build trust with your customers through meaningful engagement.

Localized Post Publishing

PinMeTo Posts enables you to create and publish localized content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Engage with your community, promote special offers, and share timely updates to enhance customer loyalty and drive foot traffic to your locations.

Supermarkets’ Average Results 6 Months After Using PinMeTo


+68% in monthly views

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+75% in monthly direction clicks

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+52% in monthly actions

Transform Your Supermarket Listings Management

By partnering with PinMeTo, supermarkets can optimize their SEO strategy and local marketing efforts, ensuring better engagement with customers. As the industry continues to evolve, we're committed to providing innovative solutions to help supermarkets thrive in the digital age.

Discover how PinMeTo can enhance your supermarket's online presence