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ai local marketing report

Al's Impact on Local Marketing | What Multi-Location Brands Should Know in 2024

In this report, we dive deep into how AI is influencing local search and reshaping digital marketing strategies. Packed with expert insights, statistical data, and the latest trends in Local SEO, it's a must-have for any brand aiming to stay ahead.

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The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist for Businesses in 2023

Master the 2023 Local SEO landscape with Ultimate Checklist! Understand Google algorithm updates, optimise your business profile and boost local traffic...

22 Local SEO reports-min

2022 Local SEO Report

This report is made for companies & local SEO professionals to identify what brands should expect and prioritize in 2022. Experts Share Their Thoughts on Local SEO Trends for 2022.

Reviews 321 1-min

Why you should care about reputation management.

A report covering the current state of multi-location reputation management, emerging trends, and best practices.

Why to be listed-min

How & Why To Be Listed On The Major Location Information Directories

How much do you know about location information directories? We break down why & how to be listed on 13 major directories, including Google, Facebook, and Apple

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Local SEO Handbook: How to handle your multi-location brand’s online presence

A three-step guide to maximizing your online presence while minimizing your effort.

We were able to enhance our organic position on Google for generic keywords, such as 'Espadrille in Barcelona' and generated €130,000 of extra sales from Google-generated traffic alone in the first 6 months.

Ricard Llop Noriega

Head of Marketing

Toni Pons

We’ve received a customised offer, suitable for the organisational structure of AVIA, and the customer support was very helpful and friendly. As a result, we've got higher click rates and visibility on Google.

Samuel Hartmann

Brand & Project Manager Europe


I sent a massive list of parkings, and after two weeks or so, Google Business metrics were like, boom, they skyrocketed. Not only in views or number of impressions, but the number of directions. It was like, maybe plus 1,000%.

Carlos Blommé de Lope

Head of Marketing

Aimo Park

Our consulting and content expertise perfectly complements Pinmeto's platform!

Scott Roemermann

Director of Owned Media

GroupM Sweden

...The tools, support, and expertise that PinMeTo delivers have helped us increase visibility, drive more foot traffic, and optimize our online strategies

Olle Jonstoij

Digital Communicator


While managing 15 locations I was sitting and keeping track of them manually, it is so easy now when I can publish all the posts at the same time by just selecting the locations I need.

Helena Kryssman

Social Media & PR Manager


The communication was great because I was talking to just one person. The PinMeTo support team fills everything in your tool. It's easy.

Patryk Wichert

Head of Marketing


Being able to just log on in the mornings and have everything consolidated into one location is just so easy, especially because we have 600+ stores and it's our job to oversee any community management there.

Leigh O' Mahony

Senior Content and Social Media Executive


With PinMeTo we managed to get control of our online presence for all our clinics. It’s very easy to use the tool, when adding new locations or handling location updates.

Filip Wallin

Marketing Coordinator


PinMeTo has saved us a lot of time by giving us the tools to remove unofficial content and manage our locations across platforms in an easy to understand way, all mixed together with a couple of good laughs.

Peter Hedström

Head of Marketing