Pharmacy Industry Case Study

How PinMeTo's Search Engine Listing Manager Transformed Pharmacies’ Online Presence

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The Industry

Pharmacies play a crucial role in providing accessible healthcare services and products to local communities. As more customers turn to online search engines, maps, and social media platforms to find pharmacies and healthcare products, having a strong online presence is essential.

However, the pharmacy industry faces unique challenges in managing online location data and customer interactions. Inconsistent listings, mismanaged reviews, and inaccurate information can lead to confusion and frustration among customers.

Why Local Visibility Matters

  • “Near me” searches have increased by 500% over the past 5 years: People are increasingly looking for businesses near their location.
  • Local Pack results receive 42% of all clicks from Google users: When conducting a local search, the Local 3 Pack is given much higher priority than the organic results that follow.
  • 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours: Local SEO can drive foot traffic and offline purchases
  • 46% of voice search users look for a local business on a daily basis: Almost half of all Voice Searches are for local businesses. (2)

Monthly Average of Google Metrics 6 Months After PinMeTo Onboarding

Data Analysis Methodology

We analyzed the performance of 72 pharmacy customers across different European markets, assessing data over an extended period to measure the effectiveness of our local marketing solutions. Local Marketing metrics such as views, actions, direction clicks, and customer reviews were tracked and compared to previous performance levels on Google.

We focused on assessing the impact of our Listings, Reviews, and Posts tools on each pharmacy's online presence. We took into account the unique challenges each pharmacy faced and provided tailored recommendations for maximizing online visibility and customer engagement.


Common Challenges for Pharmacies

1. Inconsistent Listings

With multiple locations across different platforms, ensuring consistent and accurate information is key for customers to find pharmacies and make informed decisions but without a search engine listing manager, the process often lacks structure.

2. Time-Consuming Manual Efforts

Managing reviews, posts, and online interactions manually can be both error-prone and labor-intensive, taking up valuable time that could be spent on customer service and other important tasks.

3. Data Integrity

Duplicate listings, inaccuracies, and conflicting information across platforms can compromise data integrity and limit pharmacies' ability to attract and retain customers.

The Solution

PinMeTo offers a comprehensive suite of local marketing solutions tailored to the needs of the pharmacy industry, helping businesses overcome these challenges.

1. Listings Management

PinMeTo Listings provides a centralized platform for pharmacies to update and manage business information across multiple networks, including Google, Facebook, and Apple. This ensures accurate and consistent information for customers, improving visibility and enhancing the customer experience.

2. Review Management

PinMeTo's review management tools allow pharmacies to monitor, respond to, and analyze customer reviews efficiently. Reputation management is made easier with various functions such as Bulk Replies, which allows you to reply to several reviews at once using different stored templates.

3. Localized Social Media Marketing

PinMeTo Posts enables pharmacies to create localized content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Pharmacies can engage with their communities, promote special offers, and share health-related content, increasing customer loyalty and driving foot traffic.

The Results

After partnering with PinMeTo, pharmacies have seen significant improvements in their online presence and customer engagement:

Increased Views

Pharmacies experienced a 37% increase in monthly views, making them more discoverable to customers online.

More Direction Clicks

Pharmacies reported a 53% increase in monthly direction clicks, making it easier for customers to find their locations.

Stronger Customer Engagement

The focus on review management and localized social media marketing led to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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What Comes Next

As the pharmacy industry continues to evolve, PinMeTo remains committed to providing innovative local marketing solutions that empower pharmacies to excel in the online landscape. By using PinMeTo’s search engine listing manager and other local marketing tools, pharmacies can optimize their online presence, engage with their customers more effectively, and ultimately deliver better healthcare services to their communities.

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