store locator for website
store locator for websites

PinMeTo Store Locator for Your Website

Get closer to your customers with PinMeTo Store Locator for websites - Built to make your multiple locations easy to find and connect with, improve your local visibility and ultimately help you drive more foot traffic.

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Elevate Your Customer Experience

Your customers want an easy and fast way to find what they’re looking for. Store Locator’s Integrated maps provide users with a visual guide to your store locations, while comprehensive lists detail store hours, details and contact information. 

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Shows Updated Info

Our Store Locator connects directly to the PinMeTo Listings platform. When a store’s details change on PinMeTo, they automatically update on the Store Locator, so customers always get accurate information.

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Matches Your Brand

Customise the Store Locator for the website to fit your brand’s look and feel. Change its appearance picking different fonts, map colours, icons and more.
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Great on Mobile

Our maps are rendered in real-time at 60 FPS on web and mobile. Encourage customers to interact, engage, and convert, regardless of their device through Store Locator’s multi-device compatibility.

Transform Browsers Into Buyers

PinMeTo Store Locator for websites not just simplifies the customer’s journey in finding your physical stores, but also helps keep visitors on your local landing pages, guiding them efficiently from your website to your stores.

Drive Customer Actions

Make it simple and easy to interact with each of your locations online. Help your customers quickly find your contact information, get directions, or learn more about your stores with just a few clicks, driving customer interactions and ultimately more visits.

Simple Setup, Powerful Impact

PinMeTo Store Locator does more than just showing your store locations on your website - it makes your store stand out more in local searches, helping you connect better with your customers and encouraging them to visit your store.

Discover how PinMeTo Store Locator can benefit your business.