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Make sure your stations are searchable when the motorists need you

Local search for Petrol Stations is huge, but there are some caveats. Make sure you can capture the demand on all the right marketing channels.

Marketing departments at Petrol chains use the PinMeTo platform to optimize for local search buyer journeys

The Petrol Industry needs

Petrol retail is a competitive space with thinner margins than other retail industries. These thin profits per customer often limit marketing departments within petrol companies to general branding, rather than acquiring footfall to a specific location through ad spend - Simply put the cost of acquiring a customer supersedes the profit made.

This doesn't mean that petrol station marketing can’t be done, or made efficiently - If you understand the customer journey of a motorist.


Fuel Gas

The search behaviour of motorists is quite unique in the sense that the search is not only need based, but also done to solve an acute situation, in a specific geographical area - They are running out of fuel and have to fill up in order to get where they’re going.

That’s why the otherwise astronomical conversion rate of 90% from a search to purchase, actually makes sense. And also, why only 10% of motorists search with a particular brand or petrol station in mind - the need is too urgent.


 "Unlike grocery and apparel retailers, the fuel and convenience industry is servicing a truly brand-agnostic consumer," 

Says Sarah McCrary, the CEO of GasBuddy.


Utilising this search behaviour is key to increasing footfall without further minimising margins. Since these searches are organic - it's all about capturing the individual motorists' intent and guiding them to a location nearby.

Petrol Stations

Get to know your buyer

1. Brand agnostic - looking for a provider nearby
2. Clear information - manned or unmanned station
3. Reliable - opening hours for late night consumer
4. Channel agnostic - buyers use both maps and in-vehicle navigations

Optimize all your locations Optimize all your locations

Help motorists find all the necessary information about each of your locations to gain their trust even before buying from you. Consistent and up-to-date information about your petrol stations is the best advertisement for your brand.


Enrich to optimizeEnrich to optimize

You've got minutes, if not seconds, to become their first choice. Remember, the need is urgent, so make sure your listings and posts are short and to the point. Build rapport with searchers by giving all the details they need to drive to your petrol station.


The most important channels for PetrolThe most important channels
for Petrol

  • Google Business Profile
  • Social media
  • Special offers by location
  • A strong brand presence on all maps


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...we now have the opportunity to get a better overview of our gas stations, and to be visible on several networks and platforms.

Martin Karlgren

Content Strategist & Web Manager

Preem AB

Without the PinMeTo, we would not have Human Resources to manage SEO’s gas station network’s locations. With PinMeTo, maintenance and updating to all our platforms is easy and quick

Johanna Silén

Marketing and Business Development Specialist

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