How Biltema Multiplied Their Local Engagement and Redefined Local Marketing in Retail with PinMeTo

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Since the 1960s, Biltema has been offering a wide variety of accessible, quality products, from auto parts and construction tools to leisure items in the Nordics. Recognising the growing importance of local online searches, especially for the retail industry, Biltema had pursued local marketing to boost online engagement and in-store visits.

This case study explores their journey with PinMeTo, highlighting their strategic use of local SEO, effective local customer engagement, and strong customer support.


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The Challenge

Despite a strong market presence, Biltema faced challenges in location data management, online customer engagement and reputation management.

1. Managing Local Listings Across All Networks

With many duplicate, false, and not owned listings on different platforms, especially Facebook, Biltema lacked a streamlined and scalable solution to manage updates, correct inaccuracies, and synchronize location data across online directories and maps for 60+ locations.

2. Streamlined Process for Publishing Local Posts

Biltema’s store managers across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland were tasked to manage regular social media posts mainly on local Facebook pages and post about location-specific updates and offers but lacked a unified platform for organizing and streamlining their daily work.

3. Responding to Customer Interactions Centrally

Biltema’s Customer Support team lacked an all-in-one solution for handling customer inquiries, online reviews, mentions and other interactions to enhance local customer relationships and trust. Manual monitoring often took time and longed for a more automated and streamlined approach.


The Solution

Biltema started using PinMeTo's Location Marketing platform, with Listings as the primary feature to boost their local presence across the Nordics. The Conversations tool later became instrumental for Biltema’s Customer Support team in monitoring customer interactions and reputation management, while Posts became an essential in their localized social media marketing.

Step 1: Gaining Full Control Over Location Data 

Centralized management through PinMeTo Listings enabled Biltema to ensure accurate and consistent business information across all digital platforms as well as remove numerous false/ duplicate listings that were harming their visibility.

The tool also gave them access to their listings’ data insights such as traffic sources, actions users performed on listings, number of views and more, helping them understand and improve their local marketing in retail even further. 

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Step 2: Streamlining Store Managers’ Posting Workflow 

Biltema onboarded their 80+ local store managers into PinMeTo Posts platform, providing them with an intuitive tool to schedule and publish localized content on social media platforms.

PinMeTo has revolutionized our approach to local social media management. It allows us to effectively tailor and synchronize our social media interactions for each store, ensuring localized, engaging content for our customers.

Johan Gerdevåg, Marketing Director | Biltema

With a few educational sessions and training, Biltema’s staff got up to full speed and started using the tool daily primarily to manage localized content on Facebook.

Step 3: Centralizing Customer Support Operations 

PinMeTo Conversations provided an easy-to-use, centralized platform for Biltema’s Customer Support to enhance their daily processes and reduce manual taskload. The team could now assign tickets, add internal notes, and craft responses on all types of customer interactions on every online channel from one place.

The new Bulk Replies feature streamlined Biltema's reputation management on Google, enabling them to respond to multiple reviews simultaneously with a variety of saved templates. This not only saved time but also enhanced trust among customers and improved their standing with Google's algorithms.


PinMeTo is a powerful tool that keeps our 61 store locations' information consistently updated and seamlessly managed around the clock. 
Johan Gerdevåg, Marketing Director | Biltema

Results 6 months after onboarding

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Views +140%


Direction clicks +170%


Calls +120%

What Comes Next

Biltema is a great example of the value that effective location marketing can bring today, especially for multi-location retail brands. As one of the earliest and most engaged customers of PinMeTo, Biltema keeps demonstrating proactive engagement and adaptability to new features.

They are regularly in touch with PinMeTo Customer Support that helps them use the platform to its full potential and discover new local strategies local marketing in retail. Today Biltema is well-positioned to maintain and even accelerate their momentum in achieving greater online visibility and customer reach.

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