Municipality Marketing
Municipality Marketing

Help the Community Find Your Municipality Services

Should municipalities care about the local search? Yes! Be searchable when locals and tourists look for information about your services online.


Marketing departments at Municipalities use the PinMeTo platform to optimize for local search

The Municipality needs

The way people search for information online is more localized than ever before, whether they are looking for a petrol station, restaurant, or public service. Making sure that your Municipality units, such as local libraries, hospitals, and recycling services, show up in local search results is just another way of serving your community with up-to-date and complete information whenever they need it.



The idea is to increase your Municipality units’ exposure to the local community and anyone who searches for relevant content in your service area. The good news is that it's not hard to improve your online presence and rankings. It can be achieved by claiming your Google Business Profile, optimizing your listings, building up reviews and ratings, and sharing localized content regularly.

If you want your local community to be able to find you, and get sufficient information about your locations or services before they visit you, local search optimization should be your number one priority.

Optimize all your locationsOptimize all your locations for


  • Better customer experience
  • Improve your municipality's reputation
  • Improve your online presence and rankings
  • Save your and visitors’ time.



Benefits for your Municipality


Benefits for your Community


  • Feel heard when you respond to their messages and reviews
  • Tourists and locals will be able to find the necessary services
  • More information and trust in local hospitals and schools thanks to online reviews.

Through PinMeTo we got accurate and identical listing information across multiple online platforms. This has a great impact in allowing continuous updates & gives us control over all our locations.

Magnus Heide

Platform Manager

Region Skåne