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Region Skåne is a public authority responsible for healthcare clinics in Sweden’s Skåne region. In addition to healthcare, Region Skåne is also responsible for public transport, business development, culture, infrastructure, social planning, and environmental and climate-related issues in the region.


The situation

Region Skåne was struggling to effectively manage the online data of its health care clinics. They had to ensure their online listings were accurate and relevant when local citizens searched for them. Moreover, since Region Skåne is a public authority, it’s important that their info is accurate everywhere. They were looking for a solution to effectively manage their online engagement on a local level.

Through PinMeTo, we were able to use our master data to ensure that we have accurate and identical listing information across multiple online platforms. This has a great impact in allowing continuous updates, and gives us a lot of control over all our locations.

Magnus Heide, Platform Manager - Region Skåne

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 The solution

After six months with PinMeTo, Region Skåne structured and corrected over 7,000 conflicts (errors) for their 400 locations, an automated process that would have been complex and time-consuming to do manually. After the set up was done, Region Skåne could now manage local listings and reviews across all their clinics, from a single platform. Every clinic could also update their individual listings, and automatically distribute those updates across multiple platforms.

Furthermore, PinMeTo optimized Region Skåne’s Google My Business pages and helped correct inaccurate NAP data, which resulted in an 87% increase in Google Maps views from the six months before starting with PinMeTo to the six months after, and a 67% increase in appearances in Google Discovery search results – meaning that people using general searches like “healthcare clinic near me” could more easily find Region Skåne’s locations. Direct Search results appearances also went up 25%.