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Mariestad Kommun

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Mariestads Kommun is a municipality in western Sweden. PinMeTo helped them claim and manage 66 location listings of various types, including schools and preschools, libraries, sports centers, and eldercare facilities.

The Situation

When Mariestads Kommun came to PinMeTo, many of their locations weren’t properly set up on Google. Several facilities were listed but unclaimed, meaning that Mariestads did not have control over adding or updating information. Other facilities had missing or inaccurate information, or multiple listings at the same location. Some facilities weren’t even listed on Google.

This meant that people who were using Google to search for Mariestad Kommun services were finding inaccurate information – or sometimes weren’t finding anything at all. 

The Process

Working with PinMeTo, Mariestads Kommun claimed and verified all of their already-created locations on Google, merged the duplicates, and integrated every listing into PinMeTo’s service. Then they created new listings for the locations which didn’t yet have them.

Now that they had full control over their listings, Mariestads Kommun used PinMeTo to update information for all of their locations.


Mariestads Kommun has Google listings for all of their facilities, and these listings have comprehensive and verified information, so people searching for Mariestad Kommun services can now more easily find them through Google.

When a location is set up on Google it’s also listed on all of Google’s services, including Google Maps, so Mariestad Kommun’s facilities are now more visible on Google Map searches, too.

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Showing up in search results is just the start. Some searchers will want more information, which is why it’s important to have all available information updated in the listings. Now that every Mariestads Kommun location has an accurate phone number, address, and website link, more people were able to make calls, get directions, and visit their websites.

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