Uno-X Makes Car Wash & Petrol Listings Management Their Priority & Sees an Exponential Increase in Foot Traffic

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How did PinMeTo address your challenges?

Spot on, we now use an absolute minimum of time to ensure our listings in several networks are correct.
Erik Glimsjø-Tvinnereim, Marketing Manager


In the Summer of 2021, we started working with Uno-X to help them manage their car wash and petrol listings and stand out from the competition. Now that over a year has passed, we want to talk about this case and look at the results from our close collaboration. 

Uno-X is the largest selfservice low-priced fuel chain in Norway, with nationwide coverage. At selected sites, they offer eco-friendly automated car wash, a concept very few others in the nation provide. They enjoy a lot of trust amongst the consumer market and have increased their market shares over the last years. The company believes in quick and effective decisions.

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The Challenge

boost sales by improving their online presence, find a better location management tool than the one they were using


Fuel products in the industry are quite similar, therefore location and correct price are the main selling points for Uno-X and our competitors. The competition for the customers is tough with rapidly changing prices

Erik Glimsjø-Tvinnereim

Petrol Vertical-min (1)
Petrol Vertical-min (1)

The petrol industry has been heavily affected by several factors for a while now, and many petrol companies either stopped functioning or lost to their competitors. For Uno-X that was not an option.

The team was armed with market knowledge and expertise. They knew that the biggest challenge in this vertical is to find more customers because motorists are not loyal.

Proximity, lower prices, and better online presence are the key factors when motorists choose a petrol station. It’s rarely the brand.

So, the goal was clear - improve their local rankings and online presence. Erik Glimsjø-Tvinnereim, Marketing Manager at Uno-X Norway, shared some details about the initial challenge:

PMT: What problems or challenges were you facing that led you to seek out our product/service?

Erik: Uno-X's goal was to manage our location listings in one place to be effective and sure of their correctness. Included also the integration to networks that was “unreachable” without time-draining correspondence.

PMT: Why was this specific challenge a priority?

Erik: It is easy to manage our listings on Google Maps, but to be found on and easily manage all other networks was too time-consuming. As the petrol station’s location is a main selling point, our priority is to be visible on as many relevant networks as possible.

PMT: How was this problem impacting your business?

Erik: Our listings in different networks were often added and managed by personal user accounts not related to Uno-X. Several listings were incorrect, comments were not answered, and managing the listings was extremely time-consuming.

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The solution

Control and ownership over all locations, update thousands of networks with one click


Petrol Vertical1-min (1)
Petrol Vertical1-min (1)

Looking at the insights from before and after Uno-X started optimizing their listings and networks with PinMeTo, we can easily see some measurable changes in key metrics like Google Searches, Views, and Actions. On top of this, the goal to reduce work time and the time spent on claiming or optimizing Uno-X listings has been achieved thanks to PinMeTo features and automation.

Petrol Vertical
Petrol Vertical
PMT: What other potential solutions had you tried before, and why weren’t they working?

Erik: Uno-X looked into other platforms for managing listings, but found that PinMeTo was an easy, straightforward platform that solved our issues and more. It's great to see that PinMeTo is adding new features and their customer support is very helpful.

PMT: What made you choose our company over competitors?

Erik: The simple user interface, network coverage, and the onboarding process.

PMT: How was the setup and implementation process?

Erik: The onboarding was a neat process. PinMeTo searched for all Uno-X listings in networks that were not managed by us and got them transferred to us or deleted. All done within a month or so, and effective meetings to get Uno-X up and running on the platform.

PMT: How was the rollout process?

Erik: PinMeTo imported our listings and had a QA of them before publishing them, easy.

The outcome

Uno-X is in control of all their listings, the key conversion and ranking factors have improved, the team saves time while managing a large chain of car wash and petrol listings.
PMT: How is your initial problem currently impacting your business? Is it still an issue, or has it been resolved?

Erik:Resolved! We are looking into new business areas and looking forward to cooperating with PinMeTo to ensure relevant and correct listings.

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