How AVIA Doubled Their Actions on Google in DACH Market Using PinMeTo

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With a history spanning over a century, AVIA's petrol stations have become a staple in 15 European countries. While each country has its unique importance, the DACH region, comprising Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, stands out for its strategic value for AVIA. The  Swiss Umbrella unites 90 medium-sized member companies with over 3100 petrol stations, and needed a strategic way to gain a strong online presence and dominate the fierce competition in the sector.

AVIA’s Results in DACH 1 Year After PinMeTo Onboarding

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The Challenge

Before switching to PinMeTo, AVIA had tried another local search marketing tool but the following online visibility challenges still remained unresolved.

1. Low Brand Loyalty of Motorists

Increasing AVIA’s petrol stations’ visibility in local search results was the primary challenge, especially given the low brand loyalty of motorists on the road.

2. Review Management of Various Markets

Managing the reputation of a vast number of stations across Switzerland, Austria, Germany as well as other EU markets was timely and error-prone while managed manually.

3. Information Management

Keeping key business information such as the addresses and opening hours of each station accurate and consistent was another challenge for AVIA.

The Solution

AVIA used a suite of PinMeTo’s Local Marketing tools to automate local SEO & reputation management processes, with PinMeTo Listings as their primary solution for a better digital location management system.

The PinMeTo Conversations tool was used to monitor and respond to all customer reviews and interactions as well as increasing customer satisfaction and trust towards their brand.

Step 1: Centralised Listings Control

PinMeTo Listings enabled AVIA to ensure data accuracy across all locations and markets. With bulk information updates and error notifications, all listings were now kept updated and consistent for their petrol stations optimisation.

Step 2: Adopting Centralised Reputation Management

With the importance of reviews in users’ decision making, PinMeTo’s Conversations facilitated AVIA to give timely responses and enhance their customers' trust towards the brand.

AVIA results

Step 3: Engagement Analytics

PinMeTo's Analytics Dashboard provided AVIA with insights into customer engagement patterns that allowed for better local marketing strategy formulation tailored to each local market.

We’ve received a customized offer, suitable for the organizational structure of AVIA, and the customer support was very helpful and friendly. As a result, we've got higher click rates and visibility on Google.
Samuel Hartmann, Brand & Project Manager | AVIA EUROPE

Actions Doubled on Google in DACH

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+50% Website Clicks


+60% Direction Clicks 


+15% Calls

What Comes Next

AVIA has a substantial presence in the petrol market, especially in its native Switzerland. Besides the DACH region, the company also keeps increasing its market share and growing in many countries in Europe.

PinMeTo Customer Success team works closely with AVIA to provide more ways of leveraging the platform to its maximum potential for their digital location management.

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