How Toni Pons Tripled Engagement on Google 6 Months after Using PinMeTo: Local SEO for Footwear Retailer

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In an age where fast fashion and mass-produced footwear dominate the market, Toni Pons is a long-standing Spanish shoe brand that focuses on quality and tradition, making quality Espadrilles for over 75 years, mastering the iconic Spanish style.

The brand navigates the complex landscape of modern retail through a multi-channel approach, balancing its brick-and-mortar stores, franchises, e-commerce platforms, and new initiatives like Travel Retail. 

This case study explores how Toni Pons leveraged PinMeTo local marketing solutions to effectively manage their online listings and boost SEO rankings, enhancing customer engagement and increasing sales.

Results 6 Months after Onboarding

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The Challenge

As the largest Espadrille manufacturer in Spain, Toni Pons has enjoyed sustained success but faces a fiercely competitive digital landscape. 

"To communicate the value proposition to our customers," Ricard, the Head of Marketing at Toni Pons mentions the need to keep up with modern retail dynamics and SEO strategies, particularly in local search.

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Managing Business Listings

It was complex to create those profiles because of the validation process that most of the time is required by Google" says Ricard. 

For Toni Pons, the complexity arose not just from managing owned stores but also from handling franchisees, some of whom had set up their own Google My Business profiles. 

This lack of centralized control created issues in editing information, schedules, and descriptions.


Monitoring Reviews

A lot of times users leave very extremely valuable feedback, and that feedback also helps us reshape our communication, our marketing strategy," emphasized Richard.

Despite this, effective review management remained a logistical challenge, especially with disparate profiles for various stores and franchises.

The Solution

Toni Pons discovered PinMeTo while looking for a tool that streamlines local SEO for footwear retailer businesses. Ricard recalls that initially skeptical due to the high promises often made in the industry, they were particularly impressed with the ‘’ease of setup and the interesting functionalities.’’

Toni Pons used various tools from PinMeTo's Location Marketing platform to manage their 25+ stores’ local visibility. The main feature they used was Listings, which helped them take centralized control of all their business listings. 

They also used PinMeTo Conversations tool to keep an eye on customer reviews, messages, and other interactions allowing them to respond in real-time.

Step 1: Getting to Centralised Listings Management 

"After I started working with PinMeTo, we were able to simplify the management of all the Google profiles," Ricard celebrated. 

This newfound efficiency allowed the brand to focus more on optimizing profiles and supporting franchises, leading to stronger relationships with them.

Step 2: Tapping into Conversations 

The Conversations tool allowed the Toni Pons team to not only monitor but actively participate in real-time customer dialogues. 

By doing so, they were able to provide immediate customer support and gather valuable insights that influenced their broader marketing and product development strategies.
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Step 3: Boosting Local SEO & Increasing Traffic

PinMeTo didn't just impact branded keywords.

"We were able to increase and enhance our organic position on Google for generic keywords, such as 'Espadrille in Barcelona'," said Ricard. 

This resulted in more than €130,000 of additional sales within the first six months solely from Google-generated traffic.
There was a team behind the tool and the platform that seemed to be dedicated to making everything easy and to help out.
 Ricard Llop Noriega | Toni Pons

Actions on Google Tripled 6 Months After Onboarding


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Calls: x3.5

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Website Clicks: x4

What Comes Next

Toni Pons' journey with PinMeTo showcases the power of targeted local SEO for footwear retailers and effective listing management. By addressing challenges head-on and leveraging PinMeTo's marketing and search technology, the company has not only simplified its internal processes but has also dramatically increased customer interactions and sales. 

As they look to the future, Toni Pons is well-positioned to continue building on this strong foundation, always with an eye on innovative solutions.

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