How Drive Hellas Boosted Website Traffic from Google by 4X with PinMeTo: Car Rentals Marketing

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For more than three decades, Drive Hellas has been a leading force in Greece's car rental industry with over 25 locations. The company has a number of offices across the mainland and nearly all Greek islands, offering a wide range of vehicle options. 

This case study delves into how the integration of PinMeTo's tools significantly boosted their local visibility and improved their operational processes.

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The Challenge

1. Boosting Local Visibility

To attract more customers, particularly during peak tourist seasons, Drive Hellas needed an effective location marketing strategy to differentiate themselves in the crowded car rentals market and attract more customers.

2. Centralizing Location Data and Customer Interactions

The company was dealing with fragmented management of their location data and customer interactions. Drive Hellas needed a unified platform that could handle all the elements efficiently, without the burden of excessive manual work.

Because Drive has 26 branches all over Greece, and customers tend to evaluate their experience with Drive - it was important to us to manage each evaluation individually in one platform.

Tania Kiritsi, Marketing Manager | Drive Hellas


3. Streamlining Daily Marketing Operations

Drive Hellas was in search of a solution to simplify their daily marketing operations. Their goal was to enhance the effectiveness of these tasks while reducing time and effort, seeking an intuitive and straightforward tool that could streamline their workflow.

The Solution

Drive Hellas employed PinMeTo's suite of local marketing solutions, focusing on Listings for location data management and Conversations for customer interaction.

Step 1: Gaining Full Control of Location Data with Listings

PinMeTo Listings tool allowed for bulk updates and conflict resolution across key platforms including Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Waze as well as Meta (Facebook, Instagram), keeping Drive Hella’s location data accurate and up-to-date and boosting their local visibility.

Step 2: Enhancing Customer Support with Conversations

By using Conversations’ tool features like saved replies and templates for bulk responses, Drive Hellas could handle customer interactions more efficiently. These features enabled them to provide timely and personalized responses to inquiries and reviews, keeping their customers happy while not having a huge customer support team.


Step 3: Unloading Daily Marketing Operations

Integrating PinMeTo into their daily operations, Drive Hellas empowered their marketing team to use these tools effectively in their day to day local marketing operations, focusing not just on numbers but on enhancing daily work habits and marketing efficiency.

In our everyday activity we answer each review and comment through the Conversations tool. I do find interesting and really helpful the ability of managing all the conversations together. Because we are managing the comments in each of our stores individually, PinMeTo gives us the ability to do that easily and effectively.
Tania Kiritsi, Marketing Manager | Drive Hellas 

A year after implementing PinMeTo, Drive Hellas saw impressive growth in their key visibility metrics:


x2 Calls

Local Business Directory_Menu

x4.5 Website Visits


x3.3 Views

What Comes Next

Over their four-year journey with PinMeTo, Drive Hellas has demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism, integrating PinMeTo's tools as a core element of their marketing strategy.

They have showcased their commitment to continually improving their car rentals marketing and are well-positioned to set new benchmarks in car rental marketing, building on their current successes.

Looking for ways to step up your local visibility?