How Fargerike Tripled Google Views in 3 Months with PinMeTo’s Multi-Location Marketing Solutions

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Fargerike, Norway's largest paint store chain with over 90 franchise stores, is a renowned brand offering a diverse range of paints, wallpaper, flooring, shades, blinds, and interior products. With a commitment to assisting customers in decorating and designing their living spaces, Fargerike operates both an online webshop and retail stores staffed by knowledgeable interior consultants, painters, and flooring installers. This case study explores how their partnership with PinMeTo helped them enhance their digital footprint and streamline location data management.

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Google Metrics 3 Months After PinMeTo Onboarding

The Challenge

1. Decentralized Data Control 

With decentralized data management practices, each store had its unique approach to managing location data, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies in maintaining accurate and updated information across platforms, hindering Fargerike's multi-location marketing efforts to establish a unified brand presence online.

2. Inconsistent & Duplicate Listings

Fargerike’s local visibility struggled from scattered online listings across platforms like Facebook, Google, and Apple Maps, resulting in inconsistent information and fragmented brand representation within the highly competitive paint and interior design sector. 

Managing diverse locations manually also led to duplicate listings, presenting a challenge in maintaining accurate and cohesive brand information across various digital touchpoints.

3. Time-Consuming Local Marketing Efforts

Fargerike’s teams struggled with the manual management of local marketing activities, including review monitoring and responses, across its extensive network of franchise stores. 

This manual process consumed significant time and resources, diverting valuable manpower away from other key business operations. 

As a result, Fargerike faced challenges in maintaining consistency and effectiveness in customer engagement efforts, limiting its ability to establish a unified brand presence and connect with its audience at the local level.

The Solution

Step 1: Listings as Centralized Master Data

Leveraging PinMeTo's Listings as a centralized master data tool, Fargerike could seamlessly update and synchronize location information across various networks like Google, Facebook, Apple and Bing, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their online listings, thereby enhancing brand credibility and trust. 

The Listings tool allowed for real-time updates, bulk verification, and scheduling of business hours, significantly reducing manual marketing workflows.

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Step 2: API Integration

Fargerike relied on PinMeTo's Read API to access a centralized source of master data for their 90+ franchise stores. This API allowed them to effortlessly sync location data across various networks, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their online presence. 

By integrating our API, Fargerike's store managers had real-time access to key information about their stores, enabling them to make informed decisions and maintain a cohesive brand image across all platforms.

Step 3: Automated Review Management

PinMeTo Reviews tool provided Fargerike with an automated solution for managing customer reviews. The multi-platform reviews dashboard along with new reviews’ alerts and filters enabled Fargerike to efficiently monitor and respond to incoming reviews, saving considerable time and effort.

PinMeTo has become a trusted tool for many people in Mestergruppen central organizations, as well as among 600+ local store owners. Especially the core product Listings is very valuable to us. We can no longer remember what life was like before this was available to us.
Kristian Mathisen, Digital Marketing Manager | Mestergruppen

The Results




What Comes Next

As Fargerike continues its growth trajectory, they remain committed to leveraging PinMeTo as a trusted partner in their digital journey. With ongoing support from PinMeTo's Customer Success team, Fargerike is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities, further optimize their multi-location marketing tactics, and solidify their position as a market leader in Norway’s paint and interior design industry.

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