Wayne’s Coffee


Wayne's Coffee is a Swedish-based coffee shop chain founded in Stockholm in 1994. Today, Wayne’s Coffee operates around 140 coffee shops, and you can find them in Sweden, Norway, Finland, The United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Vietnam, and China.


Wayne’s Coffee came to PinMeTo looking for an efficient solution to control and optimize their digital presence. With the increasing number of local information platforms to maintain and keep up-to-date, Wayne’s was struggling to control their data. They wanted a centralized solution to manage their digital local presence at their over 130 worldwide locations across.

Results Google Actions


Directions Clicks

+79 %

Yearly clicks to “Directions” went from 38k to 68k


+109 %

Yearly clicks to “Website” went from 16K to 33K


+72 %

Yearly clicks to “Calls” went from 7K to 12K

PinMeTo has been an important tool in Wayne's coffee development and visibility. The tools give us the opportunity to interact and respond fast to all our customers in different channels and also take control of our brand. Most importantly we can constantly provide our guests with up-to-date information about our cafes.

Viktor Rivedal, Digital manager - Waynes Coffee


First, Wayne’s Coffee structured and corrected all their listings with the help from PinMeTo’s Customer Success Team, so all information was correct on the largest networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Bing, Here, and Apple Maps. Through PinMeTo’s partnerships and relationships with key directories, PinMeTo was able to identify and remove duplicates and inaccuracies, and add new correct listings with accurate and up-to-date business information. After the setup was done, Wayne’s Coffee could manage listings and reviews across all 130 of their locations from just one platform.


+138 %

Wayne’s receives an average of 12K more organic impressions every day since 2017


+250 %

In two years, “Views” in Google Maps went from 12K per day to 35K per day

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