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Enhancing Digital Presence for Sustainability: Ragn-Sells Norway's Journey with PinMeTo

SEO for Recycling & Waste Management

Ragn-Sells, a leader in the recycling and waste management industry, operates with a mission to collect, treat, and recycle waste and residual products from various sectors. With operations extending across four countries, this case study focuses on their efforts in Norway to optimize their digital presence for better customer journeys and more efficient waste handling through PinMeTo's Local SEO and marketing tools.

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Recycling & Waste Management seo


Ragn-Sells faced the challenge of managing and optimizing their digital footprint across a multitude of local information platforms. 

The complexity of their services, particularly in guiding waste management professionals and private customers to the correct locations for handling materials, needed a streamlined solution to prevent the common issue of misdirected journeys, which resulted in lost time and customer dissatisfaction.

PinMeTo has really helped us keep control and maintain the quality of our location data. We can now be confident that online to offline customer journeys work as they should.

Anders Ellefsen, Marketing and Communication Manager | Ragn-Sells
SEO for Recycling & Waste Company

The Solution

Step 1: Ensuring Accurate Listings

Correcting business information on all local listings across major networks like Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Bing, Here, and Apple Maps.

Step 2: Duplicate and Inaccuracy Removal

With the support of PinMeTo’s Customer Success Team, eliminating duplicates and inaccuracies, ensuring all new listings were accurate and current.

Step 3: Centralized Management

Overseeing listings and reviews across all locations from a single platform, enhancing efficiency and control over their digital presence. 

Actions on Google Doubled 3 Months After Onboarding


Direction Clicks +41%


Calls +84%

Local Business Directory_Menu

Website Clicks +48%

What Comes Next

With the solid foundation laid, Ragn-Sells continues their journey towards digital optimization and excellence showcasing how targeted digital marketing strategies can significantly enhance not just a company's online visibility but also streamline customer journeys from online searches to offline actions. 

The focus will remain on leveraging PinMeTo’s features and tools to further enhance their customer engagement strategies, drive more significant environmental impact, and continue leading the way in sustainable waste management solutions.