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SEO for Recycling & Waste Management

Ragn-Sells is a privately held corporate group operating companies in four countries. They collect, treat, and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organizations, and households. This case looks at their national branch in Norway.

Recycling & Waste Management seo


Ragn-Sells came to PinMeTo looking for an efficient solution to control and optimize their digital presence. With an increasing number of local information platforms to maintain, Ragn-Sells was struggling to control their data. Ragn-Sells wanted a centralized solution to manage their digital local presence.

Ragn-Sells customer journeys frequently start online and end offline. For example, a waste management professional might need exact driving directions in order to handle toxic waste in the correct manner, or a private customer may want to get rid of a car full of old, defunct stuff. Occasionally, drivers were approaching the wrong locations, leading to lost time and frustration. When Ragn-Sells began to manage their online presence with PinMeTo, these faulty customer journeys became a lot less frequent.

PinMeTo has really helped us keep control and maintain the quality of our location data. We can now be confident that online to offline customer journeys work as they should.

Anders Ellefsen, Marketing and Communication Manager, Ragn-Sells

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+38 %

Clicks to “Website” went from 5.4K to 7.5K


+81 %

Discovery mode appearances went from 160K to 290K


+53 %

Click to “Calls” went from 3.8K to 5.8K

SEO for Recycling & Waste Company


First, Ragn-Sells structured and corrected all their listings with help from PinMeTo’s Customer Success Team, so all their information was correct on the largest networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Bing, Here, and Apple Maps. Through PinMeTo’s partnerships and relationships with key directories, PinMeTo was able to identify and remove duplicates and inaccuracies, and add correct new listings with accurate and up-to-date business information. After the set up was completed, Ragn-Sells could manage listings and reviews across all their locations from just one platform.