O’Learys Sports Restaurant SEO | Case Study

sports restaurant seo

O’Learys is a global chain of sports restaurants, with locations in 13 countries. The concept is targeted at a wide range of customers, both private groups and business-people.


When working in a highly competitive market, and handling more than 150 locations spread all over the world, O’Learys needed a platform where they could control their sports restaurant SEO and online presence and engage their fans on a local basis – because what’s more local than sports?



First, O’Learys structured and corrected all their locations so the information was set up correctly on the biggest networks such as Facebook, Foursquare and Google. On Facebook, 371 unofficial Facebook pages were discovered, which had incorrect information and branding. O’Learys decided to remove these pages and merge 6,562 likes and 225,981 check-ins to their official pages instead. The customers who had “liked” and checked-in on these pages were now properly connected to O’Learys offical page, instead of to the unofficial pages.

With the unofficial pages removed, O’Learys could focus on building and engaging their local audiences through local posts. They did this by consistently posting locally-relevant content on their locations to increase visits and brand exposure.

Not only did O’Learys understand the value of having all of their locations published on the largest social networks, maps, and search engines, they took things one step further and cultivated their local audiences with custom, relevant content.


OLearys sports bar marketing

After PinMeTo set up, O’Learys received an average of 20.000 new check-ins per month.

sports bar online presence

O’Learys experienced a month-on-month increase in Google views once they started using PinMeTo.

Today, O’Learys benefits from not only the increased exposure across multiple networks, but they can be confident that when a customer searches for an O’Learys location they will always find properly-branded and up-to-date content with everything they need to know, including address, phone number, and opening hours.

Furthermore, the decision to promote locally has created a large and engaged audience which helps spread the O’Learys brand by sharing content, check-ins, and likes. In one year, they received an average 20,000 new check-ins per month, and increased the number of likes on their locations to nearly 250,000.

When it comes to Google and Google Maps, O’Learys experienced a month-on-month increase in views once they started using PinMeTo. These increases included Google searches where “O’Learys” was searched for specifically (direct searches), as well as categorical searches such as “sports bar” or “pub near me” (indirect searches).


What our customer said

PinMeTo has helped us ensure that people can always find the closest O’Learys anywhere in the world and that the business information about that location will be correct by setting up proper structures on multiple networks. They’ve also been an invaluable source of support, insight, and ideas. With their help, we’ve seen incredible growth across our digital channels and they are constantly suggesting new ways to make the most of our viral and organic marketing.