How MCOUTINHO's Gained 50% More Direction Clicks in 3 Months: Elevating Local Mobile Search Visibility with PinMeTo

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MCOUTINHO,  Portugal's distinguished car dealership, set its sights on becoming the largest dealership network in the country. Partnering with PinMeTo, MCOUTINHO leveraged the Listings and Reviews tools to enhance its online visibility across 19 locations, focusing on networks like Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing, Here, and Instagram. This case study outlines how the strategic integration of PinMeTo helped refine MCOUTINHO's online presence countrywide in Portugal.

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MCOUTINHO's Google Metrics 3 Months After PinMeTo Onboarding

The Challenge

1. Duplicates Due to Category Confusion

The dealership struggled with categorizing their profiles accurately for each car brand and service department within the same business address, leading to Google mistaking them for duplicates rather than distinct entities. 

2. Dentralized Management of Location Data

MCOUTINHO's digital presence was also cluttered with disorganized business information across different car brands and service departments. This could undermine the brand integrity and customer experience but there was no centralized solution for monitoring and management except manually.

3. Consistent Engagement with Reviews

With a steady stream of regular customer reviews, managing and responding in a manner that reflected MCOUTINHO's commitment to excellence, avoiding big manual efforts was a challenge.

MCOUTINHO had a huge problem with the management of its Google My Business locations, because we have more than 200 points and we had no way of connecting them and solving the countless problems with duplicates.
Francisco Rodrigues, New Channels Manager | MCOUTINHO




We worked together with PinMeTo to organize all our locations, and we feel that our presence on Google My Business is safeguarded and organized. The work of our Customer Advisor, Moa and her team has been phenomenal and brought excellent results.
Francisco Rodrigues, New Channels Manager | MCOUTINHO

The Solution

Step 1: Restructuring the Location Data

PinMeTo’s first step towards structuring MCOUTINHO's online presence was by segmenting their account based on distinct car brands and setting general as well as unique Categories for each. 

The Customer Success team helped differentiate each car brand service by setting relevant Google Departments for clear, structured online representation to represent MCOUTINHO's various services under one roof without conflating them.


Step 2: Eliminating Duplicates

The Listings tool was pivotal in sending correct, unified data across all networks, effectively eliminating duplicates and establishing a cohesive, clear organization of MCOUTINHO's online profiles, which significantly enhanced their digital visibility and searchability.

Step 3: Unified and Accurate Brand Presence

Using Listings, MCOUTINHO's profiles were updated in bulk across all channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy of their business information across all platforms. This was especially important for car service brands, where being easily found in “near me” searches can significantly impact customer footfall and local mobile search visibility.

Special features like scheduling open hours and managing listing descriptions empowered them to maintain a vibrant, inviting online presence.

Step 4: Streamlined Reviews Management

With Reviews, MCOUTINHO's customer support team could efficiently manage and reply to the continuous stream of reviews from one place. The team could now assign, filter, add internal notes and easily close tickets by using answer templates.  

The high engagement with existing and potential customers fostered positive customer relations and strengthened their online reputation in the automotive sector.

PinMeTo is now more than just a great solution for guaranteeing our online presence, it´s a partner of MCOUTINHO.
Francisco Rodrigues, New Channels Manager | MCOUTINHO

What Comes Next

We're grateful for the dynamic collaboration with Francisco Rodrigues, Manager of New Channels at MCOUTINHO, whose dedication to enhancing user experiences and boosting local visibility has made our partnership exceptionally rewarding. By accurately organizing online listings and effectively managing customer reviews, MCOUTINHO has laid a solid foundation for its continued growth and leadership in Portugal's automotive landscape. 

As we move forward, our Customer Success team remains committed to supporting their ongoing efforts, ready to provide guidance and innovative solutions needed to enhance their online visibility even further.

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