PinMeTo’s Malmö Office goes on a 10 hour Hackathon

It was a very special work day at the Malmo office where the team came together to kick-start work on novel ideas. Setting aside our normal day to day work we instead spent the day working on whatever made us happy or excited. The hackathon theme was open-ended and the teams worked non-stop to deliver

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New Hire Highlight series, Björn Östman!

New Hire Highlight series, Björn Östman!   Björn has joined our Stockholm based sales team and we are thrilled to welcome him to the PinMeTo family. Why did you join PinMeTo? The short answer is PinMeto’s high-tech solution for customers! It’s brilliant! This certain part of the industry is still relatively uncharted and the customer

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Conducting a successful Grand Opening in a saturated market

On opening day the newest  STC gym in Gothenburg had: 98,238 daily views 545 Likes on Facebook 2000 Google searches 47 requests for directions STC Training Club is a growing gym chain in Sweden that recently opened a new location in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. A google maps search for gyms in Gothenburg reveals at

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PinMeTo 2016 Sneak Preview

2015 was a crazy, intense, and all in all wonderful year for PinMeTo. We’ve expanded both in terms of people and offices, continued to refine and upgrade the platform, and made a pretty significant pivot in terms of long term goals by moving from business listing to aiming to become the number 1 location marketing

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Do you really hear your customers?

They talk, but do you listen? Not too long ago most companies did not have customer service for social media. It was frowned upon and considered requiring resources that the company didn’t have. The general view was that phone and email support was enough. Today, all major companies that are up-to-date with the world know

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