What is Google My Business Q&A?

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The social elements in Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) are becoming more popular, both in terms of usage and influence on local ranking. Here, Google Reviews are key, because this is where dissatisfied consumers and negative evaluations end up, they should not go unaddressed. Google Q&A is a feature that many businesses continue to neglect. So, how exactly does it work?

Google Q&A is a service that allows users to ask questions about a company or listing. Unlike Google reviews, answers to questions can be posted by both company owners and other users.

This means that users can communicate without the knowledge of the business. People engaging with your brand is excellent, but make sure you can monitor and review engagements and join the conversation if necessary.

The use and understanding of Google Q&A varies by industry and geography. It is on the increase, and we recommend that you take advantage of it as quickly as possible.

How Can You Monitor Google Q&A?

You don't get notifications about these in the Google My Business (GBP) dashboard, but you can get them by downloading the Google My Business app. This interface, however, is inoperable if you are a chain with more than 20 entries. Because we recognised the difficulty in keeping track of Google Q&A, we decided to include it as a feature in the PinMeTo reputation management tool. In our review management tool, you can now monitor, answer, and manage Google Q&A.

Google Q&A: Tips & Tricks

- Use Google Q&A as your FAQ. If your clients haven't already bombarded you with queries, encourage them to do so by including some of your commonly asked questions.

- React to Questions. Questions and answers can be liked by users. This will have an impact on what appears as top highlighted questions and answers.

- Remove all questions. If you see any questions that you believe are inappropriate, consult Google's standards to see if you can persuade them to remove the question and/or answer. Google's Policies can be found here.

Reviewed: August 16, 2023

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