What is Google My Business Q&A?

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The social features in Google My Business are growing, both in usage and its influence on local ranking. Google Reviews is the most important one (hope you are on top of this already!), since this is where unhappy customers and bad reviews end up, they shouldn’t stay unanswered. A feature that is still widely overlooked by many businesses is Google Q&A. So how does it work?


Google Q&A is a tool for users to ask questions about a business or listing. Unlike Google reviews, replies to a question can be posted by business owners as well as other users.

This means there can be a dialogue between users, without the business knowledge. People engaging in your brand is a great thing, but make sure you can monitor and review engagements and tap into the conversation if needed.

The usage and knowledge about Google Q&A differ between industries and geographical areas. It is on the uprise and we suggest you take advantage of this as soon as possible.

How can you monitor Google Q&A?
You don’t receive notifications about these in the Google My Business dashboard, but you can download the app for Google My Business to get the notifications. However, this interface is not functional if you are a chain and handle 20+ listings. As a result of us understanding the hassle of keeping track of Google Q&A we decided to add it as a feature in the PinMeTo software. Now you can monitor, answer and handle Google Q&A in our review management tool. How about that!
Let us know if you want to know more!


Tips and tricks!

Use the Google Q&A as your FAQ. If your customers haven’t started hammering you with questions yet, encourage them to do so, by adding some of your frequently asked questions.

Like questions. Users can like questions and answers. This will influence what’s shown as top featured questions and answers.

Remove questions. If there are questions that you think are inappropriate, check out Google’s guidelines and see if you can get them to remove the question and/or answer. Google's Guidelines here!   


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