How to Remove Fake Google Reviews: Step by Step Manual

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Fake reviews are a headache that can distort your business image and mislead your potential customers. But dealing with them doesn't have to feel like playing whack-a-mole. Here's how to navigate through Google reviews and keep your business's reputation solid.

how to remove fake google reviews

Spotting Fake Reviews

Based on a research survey, 62% of consumers think they have read a fake customer review in the last year. Recognising fake reviews mostly comes down to your gut feeling but certain indicators can help:

  • Irrelevant Details: Fake reviews may include unnecessary details or lack specifics about the actual customer experience.

  • Simplistic Language: They may use basic language, focusing more on crafting a narrative rather than providing a genuine account.

  • Overuse of Punctuation: An abundance of exclamation points might be a tactic to convey strong emotions.

  • Reviewer's Profile: A suspicious or generic name and avatar can sometimes hint at a fake reviewer.

  • Lack of Comments: Star ratings without accompanying feedback might also be dubious.

  • Reviewing Patterns: Check if the reviewer has a history of only positive or negative reviews, particularly if they favour a specific competitor.

  • Frequency of Reviews: Multiple reviews in a short span or reviews posted in bursts might indicate inauthentic activity.

How to Remove Fake Google Reviews: Step-by-Step

  1. Assess the review and gather evidence supporting your suspicion. Look for the signs mentioned above.
  2. Log into Google Business Profile. It is your dashboard for managing your business's online presence on Google.
  3. Find the "Reviews" section where you can see all feedback.
  4. Use the "Flag as inappropriate" option for the review in question.
  5. Complete a Follow-up Survey. Google might request more details. Provide the most accurate information to support your case.
  6. While waiting for Google's action, respond professionally to the review, addressing any inaccuracies.
  7. Make sure to follow up. Google reviews flagged content for policy violations. This process may take time, but consistent monitoring and reporting can be effective.

What Else You Can Do to Combat Fake Reviews

  • Strengthen your business's reputation by encouraging real customers to leave reviews. A rich collection of authentic feedback naturally diminishes the impact of the occasional fake review.

  • Keep a regular tab on your reviews across various platforms. Staying alert helps you respond promptly and maintain a trustworthy image.

  • Show your commitment and reliability by interacting with your customers. Businesses that respond to reviews and engage are perceived as more credible and customer-centric.

  • Remember, fake reviews aren't exclusive to Google. Actively manage your reputation on all review platforms relevant to your business.

  • In situations where fake reviews cause substantial harm, don't hesitate to seek legal advice to protect your business's interests.


To Sum Up 

Fake Google reviews can be detrimental to your business's reputation and success. By knowing how to remove fake Google reviews, you can maintain the integrity of your online presence and build trust with potential customers. Remember to follow the proper reporting procedures, engage with your customers, and encourage genuine reviews to counteract the impact of fake reviews. 

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Lily Adamyan, February 8

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