Are your special opening hours set for the holiday season? 

Google My Business

Black Friday kicks off the holiday season and it’s time for all you marketers out there to look over your digital presence! Help customers find you over the holidays, set your special opening hours on online map services such as Google My Business & Bing Maps!

Are you open on Christmas? Maybe you’re planning the after Christmas sales?

No matter if you’re running a restaurant business, a local shop or an office building, clear communication is crucial. Small details such as the opening hours can make or break a dialogue between you and your future customers. To avoid misunderstandings of this kind, set your special opening hours in advance to let customers know if you’re open or not. 

Set opening hours

Don’t give your customers a reason to doubt whether you’re open or not. Set your holiday hours so customers can be confident in their decision to visit your store. 73% of consumers say they lose trust in a company if their listing information is incorrect and the holidays are no exception for inaccurate listing information.

Last but not least, don’t forget to add special hours for every location across every directory. Setting special hours isn’t just for Google My Business Listings (GMB), you can set special hours on Yelp, Bing, Facebook etc. 

You won't turn up to a closed store any more

We have all been there. The annoying warning “Black friday might affect these hours”. In these cases, “Black friday hours”, are more welcomed.

Google wants you to be prepared for this holiday season. Today, Maps and Search now show you what time your local stores will close. You’ll find the specific holiday hours for businesses shown alongside normal store hours for the businesses.

Source: Google Data, U.S., Oct.-Dec. 2014 and 2016


Are you managing a multi-location business?

One way to set your special hours is through Google My Business. For chains and franchises Google My Business can be cumbersome to work with, it is not possible to edit several opening hours at once. So, what do you do if you have 50 or 100 locations who all needs to be updated for Black Friday? Manually doing this would take hours. A much quicker solution is...drum roll...PinMeTo!

When managing your special opening hours in PinMeTo you are literally just a few clicks from updating one, all, or a selection of locations, all at once on all supported networks such as Google and Bing. Revolutionary right?

Keen to know more about how to manage multiple locations online? Drop us an email at or jump on over to our landing page and chat with us live! 


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