How Choosing Right Google Business Profile Categories Can Transform Your Brand’s Visibility

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One of the most impactful ways to enhance your Google Business Profile's visibilty is through selecting the appropriate categories, which directly affects your visibility and search engine ranking. This guide explores the importance of GBP categories and how they can help maximize your online presence.

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Understanding Google Business Profile Categories

Google Business Profile categories serve as descriptors for your business, products, or services, helping Google present your offerings to relevant search queries. Accurately chosen categories increase your chances of appearing in local searches, connecting you with potential customers.

Why Choosing the Right Categories Matters

Selecting the right categories for your GBP influences your online visibility and search engine rankings. Properly categorizing your business ensures you appear in searches for services or products you offer, driving more traffic and potential customers. On the other hand, incorrect categories can lead to missed opportunities and a weaker online presence.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Categories

1. Industry and Business Type

Begin with your industry and business type, ensuring your primary category aligns with your core offerings.

2. Services or Products Offered
Include categories reflecting your specific services or products, offering precision to potential customers.

3. Target Audience and Search Behavior

Understand your audience's search habits to choose appropriate general or niche categories.

4. Competitor Analysis:
Study your competitors' categories for insights and potential opportunities.

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Selecting the Right Primary Category

The primary category significantly impacts your GBP's visibility and ranking for relevant searches. Choose a specific, clear category that represents the core of your business to stand out in local searches.

Using Secondary Categories

GBP allows up to nine secondary categories, which can further refine your business's representation in searches. Use these to highlight specialized services or offerings, but avoid over-complication.

Google Departments

Google's Departments feature is a valuable tool within your Google Business Profile (GBP), allowing you to segment your business into distinct service areas or product lines. 

This segmentation not only enhances user experience but also boosts your visibility in local searches. For instance, a restaurant could use Departments for Dining, Catering, and Events, making it easier for customers to find relevant information.

Managing Departments Effectively

It's important to maintain clarity and avoid confusion, especially with independent public departments. These should have their own separate profiles rather than being integrated into the main profile. 

For example, if your health club has a cafe operated independently, it's best for the cafe to have its own business profile with "Cafe" as the primary category. This ensures clarity for customers and avoids any confusion about the different entities within your business.


MCOUTINHO, a leading car dealership in Portugal, faced challenges categorizing their profiles accurately for each car brand and service department within the same business address. Google was mistakenly identifying them as duplicates, diminishing their visibility.

PinMeTo assisted MCOUTINHO by segmenting their account based on car brands and setting both general and unique categories for each brand. The Customer Success team helped differentiate car brand services by establishing Google Departments, ensuring their services were clearly represented under one roof without confusion.

In result of this and other effective local marketing tactics, three months after onboarding, MCOUTINHO saw 50% growth in direction clicks and views. 

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Monitoring and Adjusting Your Categories

Regularly review and update your GBP categories to reflect your current services and products. Adjusting to Google's category updates ensures you remain competitive and optimized for local searches.

GBP Categories: FAQs

  1. How many categories can I choose for my GBP? You can select one primary category and up to nine secondary categories.

  2. Can I create my own custom category? No, you must choose from Google's predefined list of categories.

  3. How often does Google update its category list? Google periodically updates its category list, so regular reviews of your selections are important.

  4. Will changing my categories affect my reviews or ratings? Changing categories doesn't affect existing reviews or ratings, but it may influence your visibility in certain searches.

  5. Can I request a new category if I can't find a suitable option? Yes, Google allows requests for new categories, though not all are approved.

To Sum Up 

Selecting and optimizing Google Business Profile categories is essential for a successful local SEO strategy. By choosing precise, relevant categories and monitoring your GBP regularly, you can increase visibility, attract more customers, and drive growth for your business.

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Lily Adamyan, May 16

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