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How to name locations on Google, hint, use storefront name!

TL:DR Our advice = Use your real life storefront name for locations on Google & Google my Business. More details Lately we have noticed a few of our customers that give their locations and venues a custom name on Google that differs from the storefront sign. At first glance it could look like a good

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Use Google Posts to display your message right in the search results!

In the end of July and beginning of August in Sweden lots of Swedes begin preparations for a traditional summer party called Kräftskiva. This is a celebration of summer that revolves around crayfish, silly hats, and schnapps. Imagine then the sort of value a company could gain by having items associated with Kräftskiva show up directly in

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Do you really know how much foot traffic Google drives to your stores?

Do you know exactly how much foot traffic is being driven to your stores by Google? If you have one store the answer is probably yes. That’s because finding the information is as easy as going to your Google My Business account and looking at the Insights for your store and you’ll see requests for

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