How Google Search Generative Experience (AI Overviews) Will Impact Local Visibility of Multi-Location Businesses

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Google has already rolled out its AI-generated overviews (formerly Search Generative Experience) in the US, and it is set to transform local search, particularly for businesses with multiple locations. Here's what this means for local marketing in Europe and how businesses can adapt.

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What’s New with Google SGE?

1. Direct AI-Generated Answers:

The new AI overviews now provide detailed, AI-generated answers directly on the search results page, reducing the need for users to click on multiple links.

2. Integrated Visuals:

Search results now include integrated visuals like images, maps, and videos, enhancing user engagement and providing more immediate information.

3. Personalized Search Results:

AI delivers personalized, contextually relevant results based on user intent, making search experiences more intuitive and user-friendly.

4. Conversational Mode:

Allows users to ask follow-up questions within the search interface, making the search experience more interactive and thorough.


Effects on the Local Marketing Industry: Quick Summary

Potentially Positive:

  • Improved User Experience: Users get quick, comprehensive answers, enhancing satisfaction and reducing search time.

  • Higher Quality Leads: Visitors from SGE might be more informed and ready to engage or convert, leading to higher quality leads.

Potentially Negative:

  • Reduced Organic Traffic: Fewer clicks on traditional search results could impact website traffic, particularly for informational queries.

  • Less Visibility for Paid Search: The AI-powered ads might overshadow traditional search ads, potentially reducing their effectiveness and click-through rates.

  • Increased Competition: AI overviews providing more direct answers, competition for visibility in AI-generated results will be fierce, requiring constant optimization and adaptation.


Impact on Local Search: Detailed Overview

Reduced Clicks:

AI overviews providing detailed answers directly on the search page, users find the information they need without clicking through to additional websites. This leads to fewer clicks on individual business websites, a trend seen in early SGE rollouts in the US. 

Enhanced User Expectations:

Users now expect quick, comprehensive answers without navigating away from the search page, changing the way they interact with local search results. This shift requires businesses to ensure their online presence is fully optimized to appear prominently in these detailed AI-generated answers.

Rise of No-Click Searches:

Google’s new robust, interactive displays mean users are less likely to scroll down or click through to individual websites. Instead, they get the information they need directly from the search results page.

For more detailed insights, read our AI report on how these changes will impact local marketing in 2024.


Key Optimization Tactics for Multi-Location Businesses for Google's SGE

1. Optimize Google Business Profiles:

Ensure all locations have accurate, engaging profiles with up-to-date information and high-quality images to capture user attention directly on the search page.

2. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords:

Target long-tail keywords and niche topics that are less likely to be fully covered by SGE summaries. Early results show that SGE encourages detailed queries, so optimizing for long-tail keywords can improve visibility.

3. Diversify Traffic Sources:

Boost presence on social media, email marketing, and other channels to reduce dependency on organic search traffic. With AI overviews potentially reducing clicks on traditional search results, diversifying traffic sources is crucial.

4. Refine Ad Strategies:

Create compelling ad copy that addresses specific user intents and optimize landing pages to improve conversions from search ads. As Google’s search generative experience integrates more directly into search results, refining ad strategies will help maintain visibility.

5. Enhance User Experience:

Optimize websites for speed, mobile responsiveness, and ease of navigation to ensure a smooth user experience that retains and engages visitors.

6. Leverage Reviews and Social Media:

Encourage positive reviews and maintain an active social media presence to build brand authority and trust, which are crucial signals for AI-generated search results.

7. Manage Consistent Digital Information:

Ensure your brand information is consistent and up-to-date across all online platforms, including local business directories and review sites, to enhance credibility and discoverability.

8. Use Structured Data:

Implement structured data to help search engines understand and categorize your content more accurately, improving your chances of being featured in AI-driven search results.

9. Monitor and Adapt:

Continuously monitor how your content performs with SGE and be ready to adjust strategies based on data and user feedback. Staying agile will help you maintain a competitive edge.

How Local Marketing Automations Can Help

Marketing and search technologies like PinMeTo simplify local marketing for multi-location businesses by centralizing management of location data, reviews, and social media, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all digital channels to enhance visibility in AI-driven search results.

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To Sum Up

Google search generative experience (now - AI overviews) is reshaping the landscape of local search, especially for multi-location businesses in Europe. By understanding these changes and proactively adapting strategies, businesses can enhance their visibility and engagement in an evolving digital environment. 

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Lily Adamyan, May 23

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