The Power of Centralized Communication: Guide to Multi-Location Customer Engagement

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For multi-location brands in today's market, managing online communication effectively is a necessity but also a strategic asset. With consumers increasingly turning to digital channels for their interactions with brands, it’s essential to have an efficient approach to manage these interactions across various locations.

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Why Unified Communication is Key?

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services.

While your multi-location brand might receive diverse customer feedback and interactions with different locations, you need to have a process set for consistent messaging and timely responses.

A centralised communication system is vital in unifying the brand’s voice and strategy across all locations in order to provide a superior user experience. 

Mastering Social Media Engagement

75% of internet users use social media to research products while 90% of customers rate an "immediate" response as important when they have a customer service question.

It’s long been known that today consumers turn to social media for product insights and to connect with brands, and handling social media interactions well can make a real difference.

However, engaging effectively on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is more than just posting, but managing a mix of interactions – comments, direct messages, mentions, user posts and striking the right balance between personal and consistent.  


Each public comment is a public "appearance." It's where your response can turn a simple query into a demonstration of your brand’s commitment and character. Make sure you think beyond the standard reply because each interaction is a chance to reinforce your brand story.

Direct Messages (DMs): 

DMs are your one-on-one conversations with customers where personalisation is key. Automated responses won’t cut it as customers seek genuine, thoughtful engagement. Quick, personalised replies that understand the customer’s history and context can transform a DM from a query into loyalty.


Mentions are your unsolicited customer feedback, and each one is a listening opportunity. Positive mentions are easy to handle but make sure you pay attention to the negative ones. They are not just problems to solve but also insights to learn from and opportunities to turn critics into advocates.

Tags & User Posts: 

When customers tag your brand, they’re extending your reach through user-generated advocacy. Engaging with these posts is polite as well as strategic since it encourages a community of brand champions and multiplies your visibility authentically.

Effective Review Management

89% of consumers are fairly likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews. Responding to Google and Trustpilot reviews, or comments on Facebook reviews, demonstrates that a brand values customer feedback and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Responding to Reviews Across Platforms: 
Whether it’s Google, Trustpilot, or Facebook, every response to a review is a chance to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction. You should aim to address concerns and also  demonstrate that you value and appreciate customer feedback. 
Collaborative Review Handling:

For brands with multiple locations, managing reviews effectively can be challenging. Consider review management platforms that offer collaboration tools that allow you to involve the right team members for specific location-based reviews, ensuring responses are both personalised and consistent with your overall brand voice. 

This will streamline the process while ensuring that each response, whether it’s addressing a compliment or a complaint, is on-brand and on-point. Read more about effective online review monitoring tactics in our detailed article.


Enhancing Multi-Location Customer Engagement with QR Codes

QR codes are an effective tool for bridging the gap between in-store experiences and online engagement. Many businesses like restaurant chains can use QR codes on tables to prompt diners to leave real-time reviews or sign up for loyalty programs. This not only enhances customer engagement but also provides valuable data for improving service.
Saved Replies for Efficient Communication

Saved replies enable brands to respond quickly and consistently to common inquiries, maintaining a professional and coherent brand voice. This is especially beneficial for handling routine questions across multiple locations as it not only speeds things up but also helps you deliver consistent quality in every interaction, ensuring that efficiency never compromises the customer experience.


Using Analytics to Improve Response Management

Integrating analytics into your communication strategy transforms data into actionable insights about your response effectiveness, customer sentiment, and engagement patterns. By analysing these metrics, you  can refine your brand’s communication strategies for better customer engagement, making sure that you’re always one step ahead in addressing customer needs. 

Leveraging Multi-Channel Communication Platforms

Multi-channel communication platforms like PinMeTo Conversations offer an integrated solution for online communication challenges faced by multi-location brands. 

It provides a platform for centralised communication with functionalities like real-time notifications, performance metrics, search/filter functions and more, for easily managing Google, Facebook and Trustpilot reviews, Q&As, messages and other interactions under a single, user-friendly platform.

PinMeTo is specifically designed for multi-location brands to manage their digital engagement effortlessly, making sure that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to reinforce the brand narrative and enhance customer experience.

How Bulk Replies Streamline Reputation Management

PinMeTo’s Bulk Replies feature is a game-changer for multi-location brands in managing their online reputation. It enables responding to multiple reviews at once with a variety of saved templates which not only saves time but also builds trust with customers and improves rankings in search algorithms.

Case Study: Biltema – Customer Support Remodelled with Centralised Communications Tool

The leading Nordics’ retailer, Biltema is a good example of how centralising customer support can transform business operations. By implementing the PinMeTo Conversations tool, they enabled their customer support to streamline their daily processes, reducing the manual task load significantly. 

local visibility case study

The tool's capacity to centralise multiple tasks - such as assigning tickets, adding internal notes, and creating customised responses for various customer interactions across all online channels - was essential to the support team's efficiency.

A particularly impactful feature for Biltema was the introduction of Bulk Replies. It enabled them to respond to multiple Google reviews at once using a variety of saved templates.

Prompt and tailored responses to a high volume of reviews demonstrated an active engagement with customers, which in turn fostered customer trust and positively influenced Biltema's performance in Google’s search algorithms. Read more about their strategies for local marketing in retail.

To Sum Up 

Effective communication is critical for multi-location brands to thrive in the digital marketplace. By adopting a strategic, unified approach to online interactions, your brand can enhance its reputation, engage more effectively with your audience, and drive more success through multi-location customer engagement. 

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Lily Adamyan, January 25

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