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XL-BYGG | Case study



XL-BYGG is a chain of nearly 100 independent stores across Sweden. Together with Norway and Denmark, XL-BYGG form Scandinavia's largest profiled construction retailer chain.


With the goal of becoming the leading construction retailer in Sweden, it was highly relevant for XL-BYGG to create a online strategy in order to easily control and optimize their local digital presence to provide the best possible customer experience for existing and new customers. 





Direct Google searches

+35 %


Increased Google views

+124 %


Unpaid Facebook views

+180 %



Brand protection

All locations are verified and owned by XL-BYGG. They are properly branded and have correct business information.

Location updates

XL-BYGG can quickly and easily update local information or correct public information across Google, Facebook and other social media networks.

Network compliance

All XL-BYGG locations are named according to Google, Facebook and other social media network guidelines.

SEO optimization

Correct categories, names, structures, images, and tags ensure the highest local SEO possible for XL-BYGG.


XL-BYGG began working with PinMeTo in the beginning of 2017. PinMeTo analyzed 2 years worth of Facebook and Google data and compared the results from 2017 to the results from 2019. Overall XL-BYGG experienced double or triple digit growth in almost every category, from 2017 - 2019.

Since XL-BYGG started working with PinMeTo they’ve increase the number of Google views with 124 %, these are results from a Google search or a Google Maps search. Furthermore, their unpaid Facebook views increased by 180 %, and Direct Google Searches with 35 %. These are incredible numbers!


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