How to Get Into Google’s Local Pack: Checklist

Almost 97% of potential customers    will check your reviews before choosing your company among others.

Almost 97% of potential customers will check your reviews before choosing your company among others.


Have you ever heard of Google’s Local Pack – also referred to as the Map Pack or even the Snack Pack? Rather than heard of it, you have probably come across it a lot when searching on Google. The Local Pack brings outcomes that are important to your local business’ success - if you know how to use it. So enough with the mystery, let’s unpack what this local pack is and how you get into the top three. 

But let’s define what Google local pack is. You see three company listings when you search in Google for any local company or business operating in a certain area. When this occurs, you’ll see three local businesses show up at the top of your search results, strictly under the ads section. Additionally, if these companies have reviews from Google users, you will see those reviews as well.

The Google Local pack appears in almost 30 percent of all first page for organic search results. Given the presence of the Google Local Pack on the first SERP (above all organic results), you're probably skipping the organic results since this block gives you all the information you need right now. This makes Google Local Pack one of the best traffic-driven solutions for all types of local businesses. 


#0. Location 

Google uses a variety of factors in its algorithm to determine what results will be the most helpful for the user. Getting into the top three Google Local Pack results can be easy for less competitive markets and very difficult for others. The smaller number of nearby competitors - the higher are you chances to get into the Local 3-pack. 

Let’s get you through the three basic steps for getting into the top three Google local search results.

Google local pack when searching for hairdresser Stockholm

Google local pack when searching for hairdresser Stockholm


#1 Register Your Company in Google My Business 

One of the most important things is for you to claim your business listing and verify it as the business owner or representative. Google My Business is without a doubt the most impactful tools in Local SEO. An active, properly managed GMB presence demonstrates to Google that your location’s photos, reviews, Posts, videos, and other media are the best response to relevant questions from local consumers.


#2. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile 

No, it’s not enough to just claim your business in Google My Business. If you want to stand out in Google’s ranking system, you need to take full advantage of GMB, and fill it in properly. This will make a difference! So, check these off the list. 

1. Complete data: Have accurate information entered for your name, address, phone number and other significant business information that helps users to find you correctly. 

2. Add photos: Add as many useful images of your business as you can. Additionally, it would be useful to add the products and/or services of your business.

3. Verify your locations: Verify your business locations in order to manage how your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps

5. Keep NAP consistent: Make sure that you have the correct NAP data (name, address, phone number) , matching your GMB, on your website and other public networks as well.

6. Manage your reviews! Answer all your reviews, both positive and negative. And do it within as soon as possible, since this also affect your ranking. We usually say that you should answer a review within 24 hours.

In fact,    80% of consumers    use search engines to find local information.

In fact, 80% of consumers use search engines to find local information.


#3. Keep you business information updated

Google lists three factors that it takes into account in Local ranking: relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors are combined to help find the best match for your search. 

This means that, firstly, if you’d like to be ranked high in local search results, your business information needs to be complete, detailed and correct - so that Google better understand your business and match your listing to relevant searches. Secondly, your business must be located in close distance to the user that does the search. Finally, Prominence refers to how well-known your  business are. Your business should be well-known to customers and have high authority both online and offline (so here is why you need to obtain more positive reviews). 

Local pack is a major advantage for local businesses, where those who are optimized on Google have a better chance of ranking at the top of the search result page. Want to find out more? Read more about “Google My Business” or ping us at

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Daniel Melkersson