Use Google My Business to get your business booming!


Use Google to your advantage

This is the second of a series of four posts that will help you grow and gain more brand recognition by having a local presence online. The first part we released three weeks ago so if you missed it you have the chance to read it here. This time we will have a look at Google and deep-dive into how you can use Google to your advantage when it comes to online presence.


Google is currently the market leader in online searches with 90% of all searches performed on that network. That’s over 3.5 billion Google searches every single day!

Can your company afford to miss out being seen on Google, or even worse, show up with wrong and incorrect information?


Chances are that at least some of your locations are already listed on Google. But is the information correct? Do you control the information on these locations?

What about the contact information and opening hours?

The questions are many and can easily feel overwhelming. For Google to prioritize your business and for your customers to find you, the information has to be correct and updated.

Similar to Facebook, there might be locations that represent your business that you don't control. On Google you’ll see locations that say “Claim this business”. In this case, Google found something that they thought was yours, but couldn’t ensure that it belonged to you. Read more about it here.



One of the best things that can happen for your business is that a potential customer has already decided to do something new and in the process of searching for a provider, they find you! That’s the easiest customer you’ll ever get. No ads, no fuss, just make sure they can find you when the time is right.

However, chances are they’re not going to search for you by name, unfortunately. Heck, they might not even have heard of you before and only search for services your business provide. That’s why having correct and robust categories set is so incredibly important. The devil’s in the details so if you offer the best product in your category, you should let the world know it. If people google for your category you should be found there.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
— Michael LeBoeuf

You should not take any risks regarding Google and what your customers and potential customers might find about you. Set up your Google My Business account and start bringing in new customers. If you don't have the time or just want everything to be correctly set up for you, we will help you with that.


One of the most important things with Google My Business is all the data it provides your business with. You can go in and view or download data from each of your locations and start using it to make smarter decisions it both marketing and business.

Just ping us at to find out more or if Google proving to be more painful than you thought?

Have a great day!