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Job type: Permanent Role: Full Stack Developer Stack: Elixir, Elm, mongodb, neo4j, Node.js, AngularJS Experience level: Mid - Senior Industry: Marketing Technology Company Size: 25 Company Type: SAAS product Company Finance: VC funded Scaleup Other: We like fun, you should try it!

What we are looking for

PinMeTo has two job openings in Malmö, Sweden, for Full Stack Developers who will join our experienced and motivated team. When we say Full Stack we realise that any given individual might have leanings toward backend, frontend or the middle, this is ok as long as you have a grasp of the whole. Also chances are that even if you have experience from some of our tech stack very few people will have worked with every technology we use. If you have worked with parts of our stack and have an urge to explore new stuff that is more than enough to apply. At PinMeTo the right person will work with a fun challenging product line and also have a lot of potential impact on technical/architectural decisions. We value everyone’s expertise and everybody in the team is expected to participate with their point of view. Our process is based on Agile Methodology, all development is done in-house, we release stuff almost daily, have a zero bug policy and also excellent coffee!

Other desired skills:

Knowledge of any of these languages is a plus: Chinese (Preferably Mandarin but Cantonese is also valued) Korean Russian

About PinMeTo

PinMeTo is a Marketing technology platform for multi location businesses to reach local customers and drive sales from online platforms. Including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Apple, Foursquare, Twitter, and thousands of other directories, apps and online services people use to find businesses.

PinMeTo is in the midst of an exciting expansion and it is a great time to join. Having left the Startup phase we are now scaling up with both regards to product development and market presence.

The PinMeTo development team is headed by people with a background in software development and both management and sales are well rooted in tech. While we are very much commercially driven we also value technical viability at every step.

Our company culture is based on freedom, responsibility, inclusiveness and diversity. We are in it for the long haul and value a healthy life/work balance. We also know better than to take ourselves too seriously and rarely miss up on a chance to make things fun.

We don’t do dresscode (really, you should see our CEO, great guy but not a suit), there is no time reporting of work, work hours are flexible within reason, office amenities include the “normal stuff” such as brewery and skateboard ramp and the office is located in central Malmö close to restaurants and public transport.

We would love to get to know you, please get in touch. If you have any questions about the opening please contact Björn Handell bjorn.handell@pinmeto.com +46704387925

Apply at jobs@pinmeto.com with things like a resume and cover letter. Or if you feel like it, some code that you think really represents you.