PinMeTo's Malmö Office goes on a 10 hour Hackathon

It was a very special work day at the Malmo office where the team came together to kick-start work on novel ideas. Setting aside our normal day to day work we instead spent the day working on whatever made us happy or excited. The hackathon theme was open-ended and the teams worked non-stop to deliver brilliant and meaningful work by the end of the day.

The hackathon served as a great learning platform and brought the development and business teams together to brainstorm and work on new ideas. Highly motivated individuals raced along to make as much progress as possible during the 10-hour long hackathon.

There was a short break in the evening for supper and conversation and then the teams headed back to work on their respective projects.

The presence of competitive spirit and collaboration amongst the participants led to finished projects, design prototypes, and laid the foundation for ideation of future work.

The night was capped off with a demo session where everyone got to see the results of each other's work.