Zero-click searches are increasing: how multi-location brands can adapt

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What are zero-click searches?

A zero-click search is a search that ends without the user clicking on any links on the search results page. 

This could happen for a variety of reasons: the searcher finds what they’re looking for on the search results page, or they get frustrated because they can’t find the answer, or their cat walks across the keyboard and closes the window before they could click anything – basically, anything good or bad that stops a searcher from clicking a link on the search results page will lead to a zero-click search.

In the past few years, Google has been trying to increase the amount of zero-click searches as part of their efforts to make information more quickly and easily accessible. This has led Google to prioritize their “Featured Snippets,” which are previews of web pages that are excerpted and placed at the top of the search results page so searchers see them immediately.

A Featured Snippet from Google

A Featured Snippet from Google

The success of these Featured Snippets has resulted in an increase in zero-click searches: since June 2019, more than half of Google searches have ended without a click.


Zero-click searches & local SEO

In terms of searches related to location – like looking for a local business – zero-click searches on Google usually happen when the searcher gets the information they need from the map preview at the top of the search results, sometimes called the “local pack” or “three pack.” (Here’s our guide to getting your brand’s locations into this map preview).

A map preview at the top of the Google search results

A map preview at the top of the Google search results

How to optimize your multi-location brand for zero-click searches

The growth of zero-click searches means people are less likely to click to your brand’s own sources of info about your locations – making you more dependent on Google’s summary of your info.

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure your information is complete and accurate on Google for all of your location listings. Complete information encourages Google to place your locations higher up in search results, and accurate information ensures that when people see this info they can trust it.

This is especially important in local contexts, when people may already have an idea of what and where a location is and searches tend to be confirming certain information, e.g. a business’s open hours or address.


The bottom line

As zero-click searches become more prevalent, multi-location brands need to make sure that their listing information is complete and accurate, so people can get the information they need at a glance. 

PinMeTo’s Listings gives you the tools you need to make sure you’re positioned to maximize your results from zero-click searches. Listings helps your multi-location brand update your information across all your locations from a central place, and warns you when you have incomplete or conflicting info. Get a free report for a personalized look at how Listings could help your brand adapt to zero-click searches!




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