PinMeTo x Trustpilot: together for easier reputation management

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Earlier this year, PinMeTo partnered with Trustpilot to make it easier for multi-location brands to boost their online presence & maximize their local SEO using PinMeTo’s Listen & Respond product.

What is Trustpilot and how do they work with Pinmeto?

Trustpilot is a Danish review site that receives more than 1,000,000 consumer reviews every month. By connecting your Trustpilot account to PinMeTo, all the reviews from all of your Trustpilot locations will appear in your Listen & Respond dashboard, alongside reviews and comments from your Google, Facebook, and Instagram listings.

You can respond to the reviews directly, or assign a team member to them, making it easier than ever to respond to reviews – and our recent report on reputation management shows that companies that consistently reply to reviews have better SEO than companies who don’t.


You’ll especially want to reply to the negative reviews: Trustpilot’s data reveals that 43% of consumers are willing to change negative reviews to positive, if they receive “a satisfactory and prompt reply” from the business. Listen & Respond’s internal notes function lets your team privately collaborate to coordinate your response to the more difficult reviews, ensuring that you’re putting your best response forward. 

To make sure that you know about reviews as soon as they happen, Listen & Respond notifies you about new ratings and reviews, so you can start crafting those “satisfactory and prompt” replies!





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