New feature: manage all of your Instagram accounts using PinMeTo


We’re proud to announce that we’ve released another feature to help multi-location brands stay engaged with their customers: the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one platform. We’re even more proud to say that we’re the only platform in the industry with this feature!

Brands with multiple Instagram accounts can now set up a location structure for these accounts in PinMeTo, meaning these accounts can now be managed in one place – reducing the complexity, time, and effort of managing them.

And, using Listen & Respond, brands can now respond to comments made on any Instagram post on any Instagram page, all from within the PinMeTo platform.

We created this feature for the same reason we started PinMeTo: because we want to offer multi-location brands the best way possible to meet and engage with their customers, online or offline, at every stage of the customer journey.

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