Google Core Update 2019: How It Impacted Local SEO

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Google has a habit of modifying things, and most of the time the changes are little and barely perceptible. Small modifications that frequently do not result in a Google notification. Larger changes are referred to as Core Updates, and Google will normally be open and honest in their communication with these.

Google released a Core Update in September 2019 (link to tweet). A Google Core Update 2019 is a significant enough update for users to notice (Google offers additional information about it here). We believe it is critical to emphasise that Google is continually changing and updating the inner workings of their Algorithms and other tools. As a result, if you work with SEO and Local SEO, you should be aware that the details of a site's or location's rank and performance are susceptible to change.

When we read blogs and articles in the SEO sector, it can appear like so-called experts know everything there is to know about how Google works. We enjoy reminding ourselves (and others) that this is far from the case. We know a lot, but it's far from everything. Some things are stable and known, yet much is unknown and prone to change.

Quote from official Google blog

Quote from official Google blog

Because Google is quite transparent about what constitutes a decent rank, it seems sense to start with the basics, which is simply giving good content. We also know that the algorithm will evolve over time, so it makes sense to plan for the long term rather than being too focused on fixes that may work today but may harm you later.

Examples from Our Customers

We examined a large amount of Google My Business (Google Business Profile) location data and discovered some intriguing findings following the most recent Core Update.

google core update 2019

Image 1. As shown in the graph above, Google is rewarding the business as a result of correct GMB setup.

core update 2019

Image 2. Because of wrong GMB configuration, the numbers in this graph have not grown. If the company was properly set up, the figures would appear like in image 1.

So, it should be clear by now that Google and Google Core Update 2019 reward locations that have accurate data and are fully compliant with their laws and regulations.

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Reviewed & Updated: August 3, 2023

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