10 reason to why PinMeTo is crucial to all businesses with multiple locations.

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1. Take control over your business all over the digital landscape

Take control of your multiple business locations on Google, Apple, Foursquare and more.

Ensure your customers can easily find your brand and store locations on all the essential search and mapping platforms on mobile phones, desktops, and in-car navigation systems.


2. Be correct on all Facebook locations

If your customers can’t find your locations on Facebook, that has real world implications such as not visiting. Worse yet, if they find misleading information it can cause them to lose faith in you and choose a competitor. Facebook locations also support geotagging of Instagram photos, which is a marketing opportunity for your business as well.


3. Have all the right information on Google

Can your company afford to miss out on being seen on Google or worse yet have the wrong information it showing up?

Google is the market leader in online searches with 90% of all searches performed on that network. That’s over 3.5 billion Google searches every single day!


4. Be correct on Uber and 150 000+ other apps and services

Let's say you are using Uber and want to go to a restaurant you've heard about. You put the name of the restaurant into the app and off you go. Or let's say you are at a nice café and put a snapchat filter on the story you just posted with the location tagged to it. Location data on these apps/services is provided by Foursquare. Having correct data there is essential.


5. Be in the right category

Having potential customers searching directly for your venues is great. They have already decided to buy from you, all you need to do is ensure they can find their way to your venue/store. That’s the easiest customer you’ll ever get. No ads, no fuss, just make sure they can find you. That is a big part of the value of PinMeTo, we help you be correctly represented on Search and Social platforms!


6. Increased Local SEO

Everyone wants to get as high on Google's ranking as possible. Let us make it easier for you to climb the ladder. Google's ranking system of local companies showed in 2018 that if you respond to reviews you will be rewarded with higher rankings, which our tool ”Listen & Respond” help you with. We also help you with GMB Signals (25%) and Social Signals (3%).  


7. Post to ALL your local Facebook pages

Reaching your existing customers and potential customers is crucial. We have developed smart, efficient, powerful functions to enhance your Facebook engagement. Post local content with dynamic fields to all of your Facebook location pages at once, from one tool. It's easy to use and will reach many more people than just doing it on your brand page.


8. Respond to comments and reviews easily

“Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business’s local ranking.” This matters a lot, because as many as 71% of consumers read reviews before every or almost every purchase. Our tool “Listen & Respond” easily let you answer all the comments and reviews. So let's get going and start responding to these reviews easily!


9. Data consistency

Make sure your Data doesn’t go rotten!

We sat down and crunched some numbers and found staggering results on how many updates a company actually does during one year on all their platforms. Changing opening hours, email addresses, phone numbers, both regularly and during holiday seasons and so on. It shows that in some cases ONLY as little as 20% correct data will remain after one year if you don't monitor and curate it all the time.


10. Reduced staff involvement & labour costs

Automate the mundane, don’t do it manually! You will spend more time and you won’t be certain that its made correctly. You would not wash your clothes by hand if you had the opportunity to use a washing machine?

Handling detailed data for multiple locations across multiple networks gets complex and cumbersome fast, basically it is not human work, its machine work! That's where PinMeTo comes in!


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