Switching to Pinmeto Local Marketing Automation Tool

Every now and then we are contacted by companies who are considering switching to PinMeTo from one of our competitors. Switching to a new local marketing automation tool might seem like a cumbersome project, but the switch is much smoother than one might believe. With guidance from PinMeTo's Onboarding Specialists, we can assure you that the switch goes really smooth.


PinMeTo's outstanding service

We pride ourselves on how our customer support assists to create a prominent brand presence on a local level. Our outstanding customer service is actually one of the main reasons why companies choose PinMeTo or switch from a competitor. Good customer support is based on skillful employees who are available when the customer needs them. The median response time for our customer service to return to a customer is less than 50 seconds. Therefore, most of our customer’s questions and challenges are solved quickly.


Concerns about the gap between services

A common misconception among companies that are considering switching local marketing automation tool is that there will be a gap in time between leaving their old tool and being implemented to PinMeTo. The idea of going days or even weeks without having a tool for managing all local accounts might seem frightening, but don’t worry!

This will not be a problem when switching to PinMeTo since we can connect you with the PinMeTo tool while you are still using your current one. No matter what your current provider tells you, every company owns its own location data, the accounts, and the information that's being published to the networks. This means that there is nothing that prevents a company from having two tools implemented at the same time, during a transaction period.


Joining PinMeTo process


The timeline depicts what the process might look like when a company joins PinMeTo. However, the process may vary depending on factors such as:

  • The number of physical locations the company has
  • How many networks need to be connected to PinMeTo
  • The current state of the company's network accounts.

Please reach out to us if you are curious about what the process of joining PinMeTo would look like for your company. Our Onboarding team can make a time estimate and set up an example plan for how the switch to PinMeTo local marketing automation tool can be realized.