June 1, 2023

Behind the Scenes of a 300+ Location Courier Company's SEO | Interview with Epaka.pl

In the recent episode of the PinMeTo podcast, we had a great conversation with Patryk, the Head of Marketing of Epaka.pl - a leading courier service provider in Poland. 

Our discussion ranged from the challenges of SEO for courier companies to how they've been using PinMeTo to enhance their visibility and ensure security.

‘’With PinMeTo, you can save a massive amount of time, massive!’’ said Patryk.

Watch the podcast episode or keep reading to find out how. To listen, search for "The PinMeTo Podcast" on your favourite pod app, or find the episode on Spotify.

Find out how epaka.pl gained x6 direction clicks in 6 months doing courier service digital marketing with PinMeTo.

Conversation transcript

The text has been lightly edited for clarity.

[00:00:00.000] - Patryk
It's really important for us to manage everything in one place and see everything in one place.

[00:00:17.720] - Bernardo
Hello, everybody, and welcome to this new episode of the PinMeTo podcast. Today we have a very special show. We have a guest from Poland, one of our customers from Poland, Epaka.pl, Patryk, the Marketing Manager of the company, is here with us today to talk about their experience with PinMeTo. So let's get to it. Patryk is here with us. Hello, Patryk. Good morning.

[00:00:57.250] - Patryk
Hello. Good morning from Poland.

[00:00:59.040] - Bernardo
Good morning from Portugal. How are you doing?

[00:01:03.690] - Patryk
Wow, I'm longing to be in Portugal now. In Poland, it's a little bit, maybe not winter, but it's a little bit like springtime now.

[00:01:20.040] - Bernardo
Here, it's actually very much summertime. The weather is really great here. But I love Poland. I've been to Poland many times to our office in, PinMeTo office in the north. And it's really great to have you.

[00:01:36.410] - Bernardo
Right now, we are in Gdansk. Our office is in Gdansk, so it's a beautiful town. So let's talk about Epaka.pl. It's really great to have you here with us in this episode of our show. And let's start speaking about Epaka. Can you give us some ideas for those who don't know what Epaka is and what you do in the company?

[00:02:06.030] - Patryk
Yes, sure. Our website, Epaka, in Poland it's Epaka.pl. It's an online platform where you can find your favorite, the most affordable or the best-rated  courier for your parcel, but not only for the parcel. We also work offline. It's about 350 locations in Poland with our branches. If you prefer mobile, we are also ready for you. You can find us and our app in the Google Store or the App Store.

[00:02:51.300] - Bernardo
That's great. That's really awesome.

[00:02:53.330] - Patryk
Of course, it's important that in our stores, you can pick up your parcel. This is also good.

[00:03:00.160] - Bernardo
Exactly as pickup locations. You as a head of marketing, what were the biggest local SEO challenges that you had with generating foot traffic to your locations?

[00:03:15.930] - Patryk
I think the biggest one is visibility and security. Probably these two things are crazy important for our brand, but fingers crossed that those are important for everyone. For our clients, everything must be clear, easy to find, secured from any unofficial changes from the internet. What I can say is, make your brand visible.

[00:03:54.340] - Bernardo
Yeah, exactly. That's the most important thing and that's why we are here. Where and how do you put the most marketing efforts to create value for Epaka? Do you really think that local marketing is one of the biggest pillars of the marketing efforts you do?

[00:04:18.470] - Patryk
Like the local one?

[00:04:20.650] - Bernardo
Sure. Generically in terms of marketing, where does Epaka have the biggest focus? Do you think local SEO is a big thing for you guys?

[00:04:32.280] - Patryk
Yes, it's very important for us because we are close to 350 locations. It's not like 10 or 40. It's close to 400 this year. It's really important for us to manage everything in one place and see everything in one place because as you know, Google is not perfect. I think it's important for us. This is why I was looking for a great tool to support Epaka with close to 350 franchising points in Poland.

[00:05:27.540] - Bernardo
It's super important that you really found that tool, which is PinMeTo. But let's talk about that. How did you first hear about us? How did you first hear about PinMeTo? What led you to choose our services for your business? What was the cause that led you to choose us?

[00:05:49.210] - Patryk
As far as I know, PinMeTo was popular in Sweden, not in Poland. I remember a H&M case study on the internet. I saw that, I read it. Then I sent a query via your website and someone came back to me and maybe the next day or something like that. I think this is the story.

[00:06:17.750] - Bernardo
That's great. That's always the first step. What expectations did you have while looking for a tool like PinMeTo? Were there any doubts or anything in the beginning that we solved before starting our cooperation?

[00:06:37.920] - Patryk
Yes. First of all, I was looking for the perfect tool or tools to manage all the locations. On the other hand, I was also thinking about perfect communication. I remember when I met with the Sales representatives in Warsaw, and from this meeting I remember the synergy, and I really trusted in the success between Epaka and PinMeTo. As you know, the choice of tools or solutions in the market is a big one now, of course. You can Google, you can find many, many solutions. But when you're looking for a tool for specific things, this is a nightmare. It's not easy. You can see many ads, many case studies, and a lot of information. I have chosen PinMeTo because you promised a great communication between our company and your tool, support, of course. I remember we were talking about the implementation. This was a surprise for me, because nobody that I spoke to before, I spoke with different tools and people, nobody used the word implementation. Of course, we made a deal with a  good offer. That's it.

[00:08:14.480] - Bernardo
How is it to work with PinMeTo? Is it easy for you guys? Was it easy to start working with it? Tell us about the user experience.

[00:08:24.840] - Patryk
The most important thing is when you know what you're looking for and what your expectations are. I think the communication was great because I was talking with just one person from your side. Implementation, maybe it wasn’t done in two, three days because we are 300 locations and now it's more. But I remember it was easy, sending questions to you so you could answer, and then you needed like two weeks to work with that. So the PinMeTo support team fills everything in your tool. Everything is okay. It's easy. I think PinMeTo had experience with implementation and the process in the beginning with setting up your tool and Google, of course.

[00:09:46.430] - Bernardo
Absolutely. Patryk, in what ways has PinMeTo helped you in your marketing efforts? Do you think we’ve helped you reach your potential customers in your area? Tell us about how you measure that success.

[00:10:02.070] - Patryk
Well, before, maybe I can put some important information for people like me, head of marketing. What I can say, it's much better if you can work with namings, descriptions, and opening hours. First of all, it's important to start thinking differently and correct any data in Google with our locations because everything has to be the same for better SEO. I think this is important in the beginning.

[00:10:53.980] - Bernardo
Yeah, absolutely it is, certainly. Do you have any other data points? For example, before you started working with PinMeTo and then after, what changes did you notice in your analytics? Were there these big changes for you?

[00:11:14.060] - Patryk
First of all, if you were talking about analytics, because I'm a big fan of analytics. Now, we can see everything in one tool. We can see any bug, we can see everything in one tool. Before, we worked with few tools to compare the data. If you're using a few tools, it's different work because sometimes you can miss some information or something. I think we started with the full analytics of  all the locations with you. Before, probably, we just checked some small data and we clicked randomly on a few locations, that's it. Now I have a dashboard, so I can see everything in one place. I can sort the information. I can see any reviews, which one might not be real, and etc. Probably, we started with analytics of locations, of course, with PinMeTo. It's much different.

[00:12:34.280] - Bernardo
Yeah, absolutely. Let's talk a bit about yourself as a head of marketing, Marketing Manager. Tell us about how it is to work in your vertical these days in your company. What do you read most? Do you listen to a podcast so that you get inspired to do your day to day work?

[00:12:57.810] - Patryk
For the marketing or locations only?

[00:13:00.930] - Bernardo
Anything. Marketing in general.

[00:13:03.310] - Patryk
First of all, I'm a head of marketing, so I try to connect everything on the customer journey to success. I manage teams like marketing, SEO, ads, social media, and UX UI teams also. I have been working in Epaka for two and a half years. What can I say? I'm really open to any information on the internet, YouTube, books, sports, or any... Oh, I love case studies with real companies. So yeah, I'm a really open person.

[00:13:48.780] - Bernardo
By the way, what other tools do you use besides PinMeTo that you are really fond of?

[00:13:58.620] - Patryk
Oh, my God. Let me think. With Google, probably, we're working with everything. So Google ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. We are also working with a tool... It's Polish but maybe you know. It's Senutol. We're also working with Ahrefs. Oh, Brand24?

[00:14:33.770] - Bernardo

[00:14:34.740] - Patryk
We really like the tools in Epaka because they support our processes and we can save time. What I can say, and I missed the information before, with PinMeTo, you can save a massive amount of time, massive! For example, every Thursday we post for 350 locations for Facebook and Google profiles’ posts. So yeah, it's one click and you can share everywhere. So yeah, you can save time. And probably if you're thinking about your franchising system, the people whose work is in the branches, they are doing the business. So on the other hand, we can support with their marketing things, visibility, posts, also the opening hours, those are really important. So yeah, that's it. You can save your time and money, of course.

[00:15:48.870] - Bernardo
That's the most important thing. Final question, Patryk, would you recommend PinMeTo services to other businesses? And if so, why?

[00:16:00.700] - Patryk
Right. I'm really well-set with recommendations because I'm talking to many brands, many people, etc. Probably the best recommendation is this. So if you're feeling this can support your business, try. To sum up, I would invite you to check the tool first and try it for your business. For us, PinMeTo is great. It's working. This is my recommendation. Try.

[00:16:32.790] - Bernardo
Yeah, if it works, it works. And one final thing. Since we are an international company and we work with people everywhere and you are in Poland, it would be great to have your recommendation in Polish. Can you give us that recommendation in your native language?

[00:16:52.940] - Patryk
Jeśli chodzi o PinMeTo, to jak najbardziej, z naszej strony jeśli chodzi o Epakę, narzędzie się sprawdziło. Pracujemy nad tym narzędziem każdego dnia. Różne zespoły też pracują w naszej firmie, także wydaje mi się, że jeśli ktoś z Was szuka takiego rozwiązania i ma jakiekolwiek pytania w języku polskim, to może napisać spokojnie do PinMeTo. Ale tak, wydaje mi się, że warto spróbować i sprawdzić, czy narzędzie jest odpowiednie dla Twojego biznesu. Dla nas jest, dlatego korzystamy i jesteśmy bardzo z tego zadowoleni.

When it comes to PinMeTo, absolutely! From our side, Epaka, the tool worked out! We work on this tool every day. Different teams also work in our company with it. So it seems to me that if any of you are looking for a tool like this, and if you have any questions in Polish, then you can definitely contact PinMeTo. But yes, it seems to me that it is worth a try. And seeing if the tool is suitable for your business. For us it is, that’s why we use it and we are very satisfied.

[00:17:34.020] - Bernardo
I can't thank you enough. I'm sure you said only great things about us.

[00:17:38.790] - Patryk

[00:17:39.700] - Bernardo
Yes. Probably, yes.

[00:17:41.340] - Patryk
Patryk, thank you. I trust you, so then you can trust me.

[00:17:45.100] - Bernardo
Yes, exactly. And we will make all the subtitles so that everybody can know exactly what you said.

[00:17:51.880] - Patryk
All right. Yeah. On YouTube, you can change and you can auto translate.

[00:17:56.550] - Bernardo
So yeah. Exactly. It's going to be super easy. Patryk, thank you so much. And that's it. We will be back soon with another episode of the PinMeTo podcast.


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