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Fitness24Seven | Case study



Fitness24Seven is a Swedish founded fitness center chain with over 230 branches in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. They currently have 166 fitness centers in Sweden and are expanding continuously.


With over 230 gyms all over Scandinavia, it was a necessity for Fitness24Seven to create an online structure so they could easily control and optimize their local digital presence to provide the best possible customer experience for existing and new customers. 


“We were one of PinMeTo’s first customers and we’ve stayed with them all this time for two main reasons. First, their platform works. We’ve set up and maintained nearly 250 locations using PinMeTo and we couldn’t have done that by hand. Second, they’ve been with us every step of the way with advice and support. It’s hard to put a price tag on the service and expertise they bring to the table.”

- Christoffer Persson, Digital Business Developer, Fitness24Seven



In 2015, Fitness24Seven discovered several Facebook Pages outside their control. Fake user pages with no branding, no contact information but lots of activity. The problem was that none of the visits, comments and check-ins were actually made on Facebook pages under Fitness24Seven’s control.

What PinMeTo set out to do for Fitness24Seven was to ensure that all of their local fitness centers each had a proper Facebook page, with correct business information and branding. Once that was done, all unofficial (fake) pages was removed by merging the duplicate pages into the official local pages. Doing so moved the check-ins and likes from the fake pages to pages that Fitness24Seven owned.


Increased organic daily views on facebook

+3486 %


When Fitness24Seven added local Facebook Pages for their gyms, something magical happened. The total reach of all the combined location pages just kept going through the roof. This reach came from all of the social activity created on the local gym’s pages: people checking in, posting photos and tagging the gyms - realising the potential of customers spreading the word.

By giving all of Fitness24Seven’s fitness centers a genuine Facebook Page and merging fake pages, they have grown their daily reach from 6,899 to 247,404 - organically! That’s a daily increase of 3486%, or 35 times. Over the course of only two months, that’s 10.5 million people who have seen properly branded, correctly listed, official Fitness24Seven content.

The power is in being local - recognising the quantifiable potential of working at a local level. People are acting locally, going to their local gym. That’s why it’s crucial for a chain to act locally online and in social media - where people are searching for places and sharing what they do.

PinMeTo has built a product that makes it easy to do the work of setting up correctly branded Facebook Location Pages with up-to-date information, keep track of, and remove or merge unwanted user-generated unofficial duplicates.


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