Real Estate Reputation Management: Leveraging Google Reviews for Higher Reach

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Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. Especially in competitive industries like real estate, they significantly impact the success and reputation of professionals and businesses. In this article, we delve into the role of managing online reviews in real estate, especially in the post-covid digital landscape. 

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The Power of Google Reviews in Real Estate Reputation Management

Building Trust and Credibility

91% of people read reviews, and 84% trust them as much as a friend’s personal recommendation.

Just as referrals are vital in real estate, online reviews serve as their digital counterpart. Actively managing these reviews can lead to increased word-of-mouth referrals and business opportunities, extending your market reach.

Enhancing Visibility in Local Searches

A recent study showed that Review Signals (first & third party reviews, review quantity, review velocity, etc.) now account for 16% of Local 3 Pack ranking factors.

In real estate, visibility in local search results is key. Each new review adds fresh content to your online profiles, enhancing your SEO. The continuous, steady updates can increase your visibility to potential clients searching for real estate services helping you outperform your competition. 

The Risks of Neglecting Google Reviews

Potential for Escalated Negative Impact
Unaddressed negative reviews can deter potential clients, whereas prompt, professional responses can mitigate the damage, showcasing your commitment to client satisfaction.
Degrade of Trust and Credibility
Without active review management, your control over your online reputation weakens, potentially leading to a loss of trust among potential clients who rely on these reviews to assess your credibility.
Decreased Online Visibility
Neglecting review management can impact your SEO, leading to lower online visibility and affecting lead generation and client acquisition.
Loss of Competitive Edge
In real estate, not using all available tools, such as review management, can result in a competitive disadvantage, potentially keeping you a step behind market leaders.
Missing Out on Client Feedback
Ignoring reviews means missing out on crucial feedback, which can be instrumental in refining services and better addressing client needs.

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3 Steps for Effective Real Estate Reputation Management

1. Engage with ALL Reviews

Your reputation management is not just ‘’firefighting” the negative reviews. Craft personalised responses to both negative and positive reviews, and use the positive ones in your marketing efforts to highlight client satisfaction and attract new prospects.

2. Encourage Reviews

Send an automated review request to all clients via text, email, or other messaging services to share their experiences. Make it easy for clients to write a review by sending a short link directly to the review site and providing QR codes onsite.

3. Use Review Management Tools

Leverage tools designed for managing online reviews effectively. Reputation management tools like PinMeTo provide a streamlined process for monitoring and responding to online reviews. For maximum efficiency, also implement more holistic reputation management tactics like social listening. This includes managing all types of customer interactions, such as online mentions, tags, and more on different social channels.

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To Sum Up 

Effective real estate reputation management is vital for success in the current market. By actively managing Google reviews, real estate professionals can improve their market presence, attract more clients, and build a solid, trustworthy brand.

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Lily Adamyan, November 23

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