Post locally to boost social media engagement


When it comes to online location marketing, Facebook is an essential social platform for multi-location brands. This article explains how to maximize the benefits of your local marketing strategy by posting locally.

If you handle marketing for a multi-location brand, you may have seen Facebook’s post-mirroring functionality, which allows Local Pages to display posts from a brand’s Brand Page – but be warned, this isn’t what it might appear to be. These mirrored posts aren’t true Facebook posts, and won’t appear in local audience’s feeds. That’s why, to maximize your local Facebook reach, it’s best to use a service that will allow you to post to one, some, or all of your Local Pages from one place.

Though each location will want messaging that is relevant to their community, this messaging should still be recognizable as coming from your brand, meaning it should fit with your brand’s graphics, voice, and tone.

We produced a case study on one of our customers, Norwegian beauty retailer Fredrik & Louise, which demonstrates the power of posting to Local Pages instead of Brand Pages.

In a four-month period, Fredrik & Louisa’s Facebook posts generated 16k impressions. After we helped them unite their Local Pages under their Brand Page, setting up a centralized structure that allowed them to maximize the impact of posting locally, in that same four-month period in 2019 they now earned 186k impressions: a whopping increase of 1063%.

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