PinMeTo in collaboration with COOP.



In extensive collaboration with the technology company Pinmeto, Coop is investing in strengthening its 650 stores local presence in digital channels.

For large retail chains, it can be challenging to have control of all stages of the digital ecosystem where the largest customer activity happens outside of their own website and instead takes place on external search services and social media such as Google, Facebook, Apple Maps and Instagram, according to Pinmeto in a press release.

As a step in the work of positioning the chain in the digital world, Coop is now launching a national collaboration with the Swedish technology company PinMeTo, which ensures customer journeys from digital search to purchase to the local stores.

- It is a fundamental requisite for a retail chain like Coop to exist where the customers search for their stores and products online. The website fulfills an important function, but the customer's purchase-intent-search behavior has been moved to external networks and platforms such as Google and Facebook. This is where PinMeto´s technology comes into the picture, we built a solution that handles the entire customer journey in digital search services and social media, ”says Björn Östman, Sweden's manager at Pinmeto, in a comment.

Björn Östman, Sweden's manager at Pinmeto.

Björn Östman, Sweden's manager at Pinmeto.

For many years, Coop's digital channels have been the central hub for the digital experience, but today a large part of the online activity takes place outside our digital channels. Search engines, maps, voice and chat forums have created new channels. Through Google Maps, Facebook and Messenger, customers show interest in our stores. Together with PinMeTo, it will be easier to reach our customers and drive more foot traffic to our stores. Our members and customers expect all information to be the same regardless of platform, ”says Henrik Staaf, head of digital communication at Coop.

PinMeTo already works with similar customers including H&M, Clas Ohlson, Lindex and Fitness 24Seven and O'Learys.

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Henrik Staaf, head of digital communication at Coop.

Henrik Staaf, head of digital communication at Coop.


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