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Did you know that how you handle online reviews can affect your earnings by 60%?
Your brand is your reputation. And in today’s digitally driven world, news about your business—both good and bad—travels fast. The modern-day shopper is different from that of 10 years ago, and consumers rely heavily on online reviews on their path to purchase – perhaps more than you might think. 

This is the second of a series of three posts that will help you to understand the importance of reviews and how you can protect and strengthen your brand reputation by handling your reviews correctly.

Listen, and respond - if you really want to boost income

Once you’ve claimed your locations, your next step should be to engage your customers and show that you care by replying to your reviews. Why should you bother? According to Womply you can earn significantly more per customer. How much more? “People spend up to 58% more money at businesses that reply to reviews” See image below. 

Annual revenue by # of reviews responded to.

Annual revenue by # of reviews responded to.

“The vast majority of businesses (75%) don’t respond to any of their reviews, and as you can see in the charts above, they may want to seriously reconsider this approach.” - Womply

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