How to List Your Business on Maps and How Long it Takes

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Visibility on digital map services is one of the fundamentals of your online presence and is often what’s drawing in local customers. The time it takes to get your business listed on map services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Foursquare, and Bing Maps is not particularly time-consuming, but it varies across platforms. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you plan effectively.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is an integral part of the local search ecosystem, heavily influencing consumer behaviour with its comprehensive features and widespread use. It gives you free access to Google's vast search audience and integration with other Google services amplifies a business's visibility.

How long it takes for a listing to appear on Google Maps:
Depending on the verification method used - Up to two weeks for postcards; quicker for alternative methods.

*Local Tip: According to Google, businesses with optimised GBP receive 70% more visits, so make sure to regularly update your profile after verification to improve visibility.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps provides an essential platform for reaching Apple users, who often demonstrate high engagement and purchasing power. High integration with Apple products offers a seamless user experience for customers, particularly within the Apple ecosystem. The Apple Business Connect simplifies the listing process, benefiting businesses by connecting them directly with the Apple user base.

How long it takes for a listing to appear on Apple Maps:
Depending on the verification method used - 5-6 days via postcard, 2-3 days via mobile app.

  • Platform Used: Apple Business Connect (formerly Apple Maps Connect).
  • Account Setup: Quick sign-in with an Apple ID.
  • Listing Details: Provide essential business information and category.

*Local Tip: Apple users are 3 times more likely to use Apple Maps, so ensure accuracy of business details to facilitate smooth user experience.


Foursquare caters to a niche market of engaged users, providing opportunities for discovery and check-ins that can encourage social sharing and personal recommendations. Foursquare’s social aspect can turn every customer visit into a potential personal endorsement. The platform's user reviews and suggestions contribute to a business's organic growth and reputation.

How long it takes for a listing to appear on Foursquare:
Instant after accepting the terms and conditions for new listings. Claiming an existing listing requires a verification process with no formal time frame specified, however Foursquare offers quick management access for a one-time cost of $20 USD.

  • Account Setup: A straightforward sign-up process.
  • Business Information: Input details such as name, address, and phone number.

*Local Tip: Leverage Foursquare's social aspects by encouraging check-ins and reviews.

Bing Maps

Bing Maps offers a reliable mapping alternative and is particularly effective for reaching audiences in specific regions or demographics that prefer Microsoft products. Bing Maps integrates with Microsoft's suite of services, offering potential for B2B visibility and reaching audiences in professional networks. Though it has a smaller user base, Bing's audience includes valuable demographics that may be overlooked on other platforms.

How long it takes for a listing to appear on Bing Maps:
Depending on the verification method used - Approximately 5-6 days by postcard, 1-3 days via mobile app.

  • Platform Used: Bing Places for Business.
  • Sign In/Setup: Quick with a Microsoft or associated account.

*Local Tip: Despite being the biggest search engine after Google, Bing is often underutilised, so having a high-ranking business listing here can give you a competitive edge.

how long it takes to list business on maps

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram, primarily known for their social networking, also offer key map and location features that brands often overlook. Proper setup on these platforms enhances your local visibility and provides free exposure through customer check-ins, reviews, likes, photos, and other interactions.

How long it takes for a listing to appear on Facebook & Instagram:
Publishing is instant after the setup, however the pages can take a week or two to get indexed and start appearing on search engines.

  • Platform Used: Facebook Business Manager.
  • Account Setup: Create a business account at Facebook Business. Connect this to your Brand Page and add location details.

*Local Tip: If you already have a Brand Page on Facebook and want to connect that to a Business Manager, it really helps if you have Admin rights on both places. Also, think about how much customer interaction you want to allow, some businesses choose to limit things like post to timeline, reviews, and direct messages.

nhancing Listing Management Across Platforms

Managing listings single or few locations can be done manually, but for multi-location brands it involves synchronisation of information across various platforms to maintain accuracy and brand consistency. Local business listing management platforms like PinMeTo help large multi-location brands streamline this by providing a centralised management solution, which supports the efficient handling of the verification process and ongoing control of listings. 

Things to Consider if You List Business on Maps
  • Efficiency: The actual setup time is minimal, often just requiring basic business information.
  • Verification Delays: Postal verification is the slowest step, so consider quicker alternatives if available.
  • Ongoing Management: After listing, maintaining and updating your information is key for the best results.
  • Balanced Approach: Spread your efforts across multiple platforms to cast a wide net for potential customers.

To Sum Up 

Each mapping service offers its own set of tools and benefits, and while the process is relatively straightforward across the board, the verification step can introduce a slight delay. By investing a small amount of time into each platform and list business on maps, you can significantly increase your business’s discoverability to local customers searching online.


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