How to prepare your local SEO for summer road trips

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2020 is likely to be a big summer for road trips. Here’s what your multi-location brand can do to prepare. 

Summer 2020 will be the summer of road trips. Fuel prices have been hitting lows worldwide, and when you add in restrictions on international travel and people’s reluctance to use public transportation, it’s understandable why cars will be the transportation of choice for the summer.

Is your multi-location brand set up properly to catch the eye of road-trippers? Here are some things you can do to prepare:

Ride along

Make sure your locations are listed on in-car navigation services, like HERE and TomTom. Being listed on Google and Apple may not be enough – some of the in-car services use different sources for their location data. 

Be mobile

A smartphone is a road trip essential, just like snacks and a good playlist. People may use their phones for directions on their way, and they’re also likely to do some map searches for groceries, restaurants, or entertainment when they arrive in a place unfamiliar to them. Making sure you’re listed in the top mapping platforms is key to catching road-trippers’ interest. 

Get social

Your brand works hard to make a good first impression – make sure you’re giving your customers a place to share that positive experience by maintaining social pages for each of your locations, so your new customers can check-in and leave reviews.

PinMeTo can help you list your multi-location brand’s locations on all the major map, social, and in-car navigation services, engage locally on social media, and manage reviews for all of your locations. Get in touch for a free demo!


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