Are you prepared for the most technology driven road trip season in history?

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It’s summer, it’s vacay and it’s time for road trips! Hungry? Need a charging pole? Maybe an urgent bathroom break? There's nothing a road trip requires today that your smartphone can't deliver. Travel books, local guides and poorly folded maps are long gone. One thing is for sure: this summer is going to be the most technology driven road trip season in history.

Ok, so you are on the roads this summer and get off the highway for an unscheduled pit stop. The dreaded question arises: "where do I want to go?" "I don't know what's around here?" Irritation, impatience and argumentations. We have all been there so let's prevent another such situation. Instead, pick up your smartphone, open any web mapping service such as Google Maps, Apple or Bing, look around, compare one another and make an informed choice. It doesn't need to be harder than this!  


But is your company information properly set up? Can I charge my car at your station? Can I buy my snacks at your store? Or can I get proper tourist information at your desk? The truth is that 97% of people search online to find a local business, and this is where your company comes in. Something as simple as a misplaced location pin or incorrect business hours can cost you thousands this summer…and year-round. Can you afford not being seen, when your competitors are? 

You might think that updating your listings on Google and setting up proper data is enough. We don’t think so. Take it one step further, take advantage of our digital era, encourage your customers to check in, comment and rate their experience at your store or restaurant and you will experience new results.

With this said, look over your locations. Is the address correct everywhere? Have you updated your summer opening hours? Protect your brand and locations. Make it easy for your customers and don’t hide from the travelers! 

Good luck! 
/PinMeTo Team


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