Foursquare, the magic behind the curtain.

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This is the third of a series of four posts that will help you grow and gain more brand recognition by having a local presence online. The first touched the subject of using Facebook to boost your business, the second talked about how to use Google My Business and how it can help your business grow. This week we will look at the platform Foursquare.

Four - what you say? Do you mean that old social media platform? Well, yes and no. Not all, but many of you might have heard of Foursquare and our guess is that you don´t know the huge potential it actually has if you know how to use it. Let us tell you how and why.



For example, did you know that Foursquare sells its data for 7 billion-plus locations to over 150,000 apps and services? They have over 13 billion user-confirmed visits and 7 billion place visits measured a month, which means they know where the consumers are. That’s a TON of exposure for your brand if you set it up properly.


From our recent two posts you’ve learned the importance of properly location and data set up on platforms such as Facebook and Google. Looking at all social platforms, these are the most important search engines and directories that every business should claim their listings on; Google, Facebook, Apple, Yandex, and Foursquare. But how can you make sure that your information is correct on the apps like Snapchat, Uber, Twitter, Instagram etc.? You set it up correctly on Foursquare!

Let's say you are using Uber and want to go to a restaurant you've heard about. The Uber-driver puts the name of the restaurant into the app and off you go. Or let's say you are at a nice café and put a Snapchat filter on the story you just posted with the location tagged to it. All of these features are thanks to Foursquare considering your data is set up properly on this platform. Foursquare is the magic happening behind the curtain. You don't want to miss all of these potential customers!



Since Foursquare is/was a crowdsourced platform, there is a chance that your locations are already listed. Do you trust crowdsourcing to ensure that your brand is properly represented and that your business information is correct? We hope not.

You could set up a Foursquare business account and make sure that those 150,000 apps and services are showing the public what you want them to see. Or you could let us help you with this and make sure your company is listed on all platforms and that your company is represented the way you want!

Just ping us at to find out more about setting you up correctly and keep your company constantly updated!

Have a great day!

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