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The first step to maximizing your multi-location marketing efforts is organizing all of your listings in a centralized structure. Without a location structure, it’s like every location you manage is operating on its own. With a location structure in place, each location becomes part of your brand network, meaning success for one of your locations is a success for all of them. 

This structure makes it easier to make updates across locations, and gives you brand consistency across your listings and platforms: the logo on one of your locations on Google will match the logo on another one of your locations’ Facebook pages.

We ran an analysis of Google results from five of our customers, each of them a leading Scandinavian grocery store chain, where we compared the year’s data from before we helped them structure their listings to a year’s data after. Every Google metric showed an increase:

Local-SEO-handbook-2020 copy 2.jpg

One type of search result is especially valuable: Discovery searches. A Google Discovery search is when someone is seeking a type of service, not a supplier – for example, a search like “grocery store near me.” These searchers are highly motivated to make a purchase, but they haven’t yet decided where to buy from. Making sure that you’re appearing in these searches means you’re giving this undecided customer a chance to pick you.

To put the structure in place, you need to make sure that you’re the manager of every one of your listings. This means creating new listings for any locations that don’t yet have them, but it also means claiming your brand’s listings that you don’t control, so you don’t miss out on the free publicity that comes when your customers check in at your locations.

Putting your location structure in place can seem like a huge task, especially for bigger companies with more locations, but there are services that will help you both with setting up your locations and with keeping the information accurate and updated, like PinMeTo’s Listings. Get in touch for a free report to see how your multi-location brand can benefit from a centralized location structure.

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